Lovin' it

Lovin’ it

Request: I love your captions! Could you make a caption where my two 20 year old female friends with long blonde hair named Rachel and Renee who are cousins invite me over and they have these candies that do different things like increase sensitivity stamina breast size and change males into females and they give me one on purpose and then… Read more →

Family get together

Family get together

Request: Can you do a family swap where it’s a family reunion and Morgan (16 male ) is finally old enough to be part of the swap event which is where all family members 16 and up randomly swap bodies. He gets placed in his cousin Jane’s body and decides to have fun

So Close

Steve had gotten a lot better at putting on makeup in the three weeks since the Great Shift swapped him into the body of his cousin. It was still a little weird seeing her face whenever he looked in a mirror, but he did enjoy checking out her rocking body. And now that it was his he could ogle it… Read more →