Pervy stuff

I went into the music room to talk with my cousin, Alicia. I still hadn’t quite got the hang of walking around in her body and I felt confined by the tight red dress that hugged my new curves.
“What do we do now?” I asked, Alicia’s delicate voice spilling from my lips.
“I guess we get some rest,” she replied with my voice.
It was still so odd to watch my own body moving with someone else inside. Even odder to look down and see my cousin’s slender body outlined beneath the confines of the red dress, to feel the silky hair draping down my face, and to experience the jiggle and sway of this new body.
My family was visiting Alicia’s family for the holidays and had been plugging in my laptop to show Alicia a video when an electrical fault shocked us both and caused us to switch bodies. We’d panicked and run downstairs to try to get help but our families thought it was some weird joke and refused to believe us before ushering us out of the room.
“You should use my room because all my stuff is in there,” Alicia continued, plucking at her lower lip in thought. “You’ll also need to take a shower at some point.”
“You sure?” I asked, my face flushing. “Taking a shower would mean seeing you naked and…umm…touching your body.
“Seeing how we are, that’s just one of the things we’ll have to deal with. I give you permission to do what you want with my body as long as you give me permission to do the same with yours.” A little smile flicked across my former lips.
“What if something happens when I shower?”
“If something happens?”
“You know, like, uhmmm, pervy stuff.” I twisted a lock of her hair around a finger nervously.
She smirked with my face “Well, then you get to learn biology and experience something no other guy in your class would get. Now go on, just don’t get too sore.” She winked. I wondered if she was actually enjoying this because I sure as hell wasn’t.
I went and paced back and forth in her girly bedroom for a minute.
I can’t believe she said that, I thought. Ewww, I don’t really want to know what she looks like under these clothes, let alone feel it.
I really had no choice, though. Finally I reached around, struggling with the zipper of the dress before yanking it down and shimmying out of it.

I was greeted with the sight of Alicia’s breasts in a bra.
Eww, this is what wearing a bra feels like. And having tits!
Her tits were kind of small, the curves disappearing beneath the red bra. The rest of her beautiful hourglass figure was spread out beneath me as well. I tried to avert my eyes and focus on one thing at a time.
I didn’t know how to get the bra off and while yanking the straps one areola slipped out of the bra a bit.
Whoa, eww shit god no! I wrinkled my tiny nose. I guess she has pink nipples then. Wait. I hadn’t even seen her nips yet. Those were just those round things outside of it. Are girls’ nipples sensitive? Well, I guess I’ll find out soon whether I want to or not. Might as well do it now.
I lay back on her bed and pulled one of the bra cups down. With trembling fingers I reached up and clasped one of her tiny nipples and pinched lightly a few times. It kind of hurt.
Huh. They’re not as sensitive as I thought they’d be.
My cousin’s nipple spiked to attention beneath my touch. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great, either. I let my hand wander down her stomach to learn about the rest of my new body.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been following you for a while and I just love reading your caps, and I really liked this cap, especially the progression, I loved it!
    But I think could there’s more…
    Can u do a part 2 please?

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