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If you’ve got a caption idea you’d like to see send it to me through the form below. No guarantees. If I’m inspired and into it I’ll use it, if I’m not I won’t. I’ll name the characters whatever you put in the name field below.

If you want a longer story or you absolutely, positively want me to make you a caption with the image and story you supply, go here for info on how to order a commission.

As always, thanks for reading!



  1. Love your work! You really make the best caps out of all the other blogs. Was wondering if you could put your talent into this one: A homeless man takes over the body of a college students girlfriend. From the students perspective he comes home to see his gf hanging out with a bunch of homeless guys in the living room

  2. Always great reading your work! Would love to see one where Alex finds a magic lamp and the genie twists his words when he wishes he could be with his married coworker Kaitlyn, the genie put Alex in Kaitlyn’s body and Kaitlyn’s body in her husbands and fun ensued!

    1. You really make the best caps! Love your work man. Really think you could bring this caption idea to life w your artistic abilities: if you don’t mind writing it here’s a prompt I’ve been thinking of lately: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

  3. Would love to see one where Alexs new girlfriend ashley steals his ex kendalls body to let him do everything he always wanted to do with her like anal and creampies! Love your stories! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. A homeless man takes over the body of a college students girlfriend. From the students perspective he comes home to see his gf hanging out with a bunch of homeless guys in the living room

    2. Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

  4. A college student is in fear bc his gf signed up for swap class and the matches she’ll be with are perverts. he promises to pay his best friend to sign up for swap class. After coming up short on the money promised and breathing down his new gfs neck. The friend decideds he can get money through live exhibition performances and with their other friends around.

    1. I’d love to see one where a man’s wife hires a body hopper to get her fit. And the husband is skeptical and doesn’t trust the hopper so he goes to the gym and sees his wife acting in exhibitionist/sultry ways.

  5. A man’s wife gets posssed by one of the man’s friends. To the man’s secret reluctance the man enjoys his friends exhibition displays infront of the other guys

  6. Love your caps but is there anyway I could talk you into doing more role exchangers stories MTF where they hate/hide the change

  7. Hi,my 24th birthday is St. Patrick’s day and I was wondering if you could do a caption where I swap with Tessa Fowler

  8. and another one, maybe second chance. Walter has been a bad dad to his son Jack. He gets a second chance as he lands in the body of his son`s sexy girlfriend`s body Sarah. Now he does everything to fulfill his sons desires. They land in bed together where he is done by his son from behind. As he is watching the act in the bedroom mirror makes him totally aroused in ecstasy. He gets to multiple orgasm and at one point he knows that he is pregnant. Now his wifely and motherly instinct awake. He is excited of their hot sex after their wedding night as his son will take off his white wedding gown and they will be as lovers together for the rest of their life. At the end he as Sarah will be a better wife to his son and a better mom to their child than he has been as dad to Jack

  9. This time Santa, me has a wish to hope to be fulfilled. Please make more family related stories.
    The idea is as follows:
    Walter, the father and head of the family and his son Jack become two sex crazy sisters –
    Walter (dad) becomes Catherine and Jack (son) becomes her sister Brenda.
    Karen (mother) and Laura (daughter) become their hunky boyfriends – Karen becomes Martin (Brenda`s Boyfriend) and Laura becomes Ron (Catherine`s Boyfriend).
    The two new sisters are getting penetrated near each others by their boyfriends in the same room – Catherine by her boyfriend Ron and Brenda is getting to the climax by her boyfriend Martin.
    So a real special father/daughter and son/mother time for them and a lot of fun for the whole family. Really hoping for my wish fulfillment as you always do such amazing captions.

  10. Writing a caption follow on to your story the next step.
    1 : Ask your permission to post the story with you getting credit for main Characters and plot.
    2: Natalie has successfully stolen Sophies body. Is she referred to as Natalie in her new body when talking or describing her. Or should she be only referred to as Sophie.
    Need your advice M.


    1. Sure, you can write a follow up caption. I like to refer to the character with their original name because it reinforces the idea that she’s in someone else’s body. So I’d call her Natalie, but it’s up to you!

  11. Message: Hi!

    Could you do a caption where a guy named Rene and his father are in a movie studio because one of them is working as an extra in some cheap SF movie, but there is an adult movie company using the same building, and Rene and his dad end up wandering there, and someone maliciously body swap them permanently into the bodies of an actress and actor doing a hot scene? Rene becomes the woman, his father becomes the guy?



  12. Hi. I would like to request the following please: Jennifer was the most attractive girl at college. James wasn’t that popular and was kind of ugly. He decided to change this. He broke into her house and cast a spell that caused them to swap genders and gave James her attractiveness, leaving Jennifer as an ugly male. James explained reality changed making everyone think this was how it always was. James left saying he can’t wait to find a girlfriend with his new body.
    Here is my photo suggestion:
    Please consider and have a good day.

  13. A role exchanger cap where a young couple ends up swapping gender and ages with a middle age couple. Btw keep up the good work!

  14. I would insist that you’d make a Tammy Grimes show body swap caption. Or are you scared of being called out Mr.Willis? You think nobody would see that you steal from the tammy grimes show but I did young man i did.

  15. Real quick just want to say that you’re killing it with every caption you make. I know you do a lot a mother/son captions, but I was wondering if you could make a caption that centers around a mother that doesn’t understand her son at all until they switch bodies. She’s addicted to video games and has to deal with her sons addiction to porn while the son happy his mother is distracted because he can have sex with whoever he wants (ex. Dad, friends, teachers). Thanks so much and keep it up! Mom’s name can be anything btw.

  16. Hey my birthday is coming up and i wanted to see if tou could do a request out one of these ideas
    -A busty influencer is curious about how sex as a guy feels so she swaps bodies with a male fan to have sex with her own body.
    -A sister is exposed to a alien object making her grow a dick, with her new appendage she can’t resist her sexy sister and enjoys her new penis with her sister.
    -After the great shift a girl is swapped into a random guys body, while a dog shifted into her body. She takes care of her body and eventually succumbs to the lust she has for her old body.
    Here are some pics for the final one

  17. Your caption stories are so interesting.Could you please make caption series of a story that a groom-to-be accidently swap bodies with the female stripper in his bachelor party.After the chaos in the very beginning,they decide to search for method to swap back together and help to teach each other to live the life they take over temporarily.So the stripper in his body go to marry his love instead of him and go to honeymoon,when he gradually adapt to be the stripper in this month.After one year,the man in stripper’s body find the body swap reverse method,but the stripper in his body enjoy his life and wife too much to refuse to swap back.So they become enemy,and he need to fight to get his body back.The first task he need to do is persuading his wife of the bodyswap story.BUT even the wife believe the story,who will she support?The person who used to be a sexy female stripper,but now is her husband for one year and is father of the baby in her belly?Or the person who used to be her boyfriend for ten years,now is a sexy female stripper?

    Thank you! The plotline is just a advise,any captionseris on bodyswaping between groom-to-be and female stripper will be great!

  18. Hi!

    Can you do a swap class where a bully swaps with the victims hot sister and torments him. Love your stories btw… keep it up!

  19. Hi!

    Could you do a caption where a guy named Rene is at a party where he is about to announce he is engaged to the woman he loves (you can choose her name) and a rival of him casts a spell so that Rene and his fiancee swap bodies? And then, to add insult to injury, he casts another spell so that people at the party become crazy with lust for Rene’s new female self and it becomes a gangbang?


  20. How about a series about pornstars and even Instagram celebs who swap bodies with random guys to fuck their own bodies. They could be Peta Jensen, Ava Addams, Jessica Bartlett, Demi Rose, Elizabeth Oceans, Anastasiya Kvitko,Nicolette Shea, and Madison Ivy

  21. Would love to see some more animal bodyswap captions. Especially ones that follow similar lines to your paid story “In The Doghouse” which is fantastic!

    Here’s a collection of relevant images with the names of the women in the description:

    If you’d like some inspiration, I’d love for you to check out the animal swap captions I’ve been working on over the last year 😀

  22. Unsure if part of my story idea is getting through, I see it when I hit submit, but nothing after. Plus have to add part two, since Im long winded with my concept idea.


    1. Okay now that i finally figured this out. Providing a concept idea for a story. This very beautiful but gullible 21 year old college student is shopping in a small boutique on main street in her home town. She’s a Psychology student at the local college, they are currently discussing in class gender issues from Transsexuals M2f/F2M, Cross Dressers and Transvestites. While trying on a few clothes and one very short revealing mini dress, she hears a voice in the next dressing room say” God I look horrible in this dress” issue is the dressing room is a woman’s area but the voice is male. peeking out she of her room, she spies a fifty year old man, in the dress, with heels on looking in the mirror. Foolishly the girl introduces herself to the male, explaining she’s a Psychology student fascinated by gender issues and might write a term paper on her findings. So over the next couple weeks the pair meet at the cross dressers apartment which is on main street below a Hair and Nail Salon. However the cross dresser cleverly is able to ascertain information from the girl about her life, family, boyfriend and school making sure its all recorded by a hidden listening device in his apartment. She even stupidly shares what what sex is like with her boyfriend over glasses of wine. Unbeknownst to her he’s putting a plan in place to become her. Years ago while rummaging at a junk sale he stumbled upon the Medallion of Zullo, buying it from a idiot who had no idea its supernatural abilities. He’s been a woman before by ordering used panties and clothes of porn starlets, but this girl is different, young beautiful life ahead of her and damm that boyfriend of hers is hot that he desires to be. At there next meeting, he asks if her folks know she’s been meeting him, out of friendship and research, she responds no they dont. to which point he adds a little drug to her wine, they toast and as they talk he watches her eyes glass over as the drug kicks in putting her in a semi weaken catatonic state. Laughing he picks her up carrying her into the bedroom stripping her down so she’s naked on the bed. He sets up a video camera, focusing it on her and the bed to record the body swap, he strips down naked like her except draping the medallion around his neck. Climbing on top of her, she mumbles inadvertently what’s he doing, trying to push him off her but to weak from the drug. His reply to her is” Well sweetie, you given me enough info on your life, family, school and boyfriend, now only one thing left to do. bending down whispers in her ear Im swapping bodies with you as the medallion is pressed between their naked forms. A pink aura form around her, a blue aura around him. Over the next hour their bodies transform into each other. Now the pink aura and a girl is ontop of a naked drugged out loser. The new girl climbs of, walks to a mirror to check herself out, turns back to her old body week and struggling from the drug. “Dont worry the effects wear off in six ours, you’ll be fine. ” Showers, gets dressed grabbing her purse, carefully wraps the medallion in a bag, dropping it in her purse. Feels her phone vibrate with a text notification, sees its the boyfriend, responds with her location out front of the hair salon. His text How horny are you, her response very see you soon. six hours later in the middle of the night in a dark apartment a figure stumbles unevenly off a bed into the bathroom, flicking on the light. All you hear is a screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  23. Hello, really really love your work. its simply great and done with passion. i would love to see more family captions. Maybe you could do one with two couples having sex. So the characters would be: Steve, his father Robert, his mother Karen, his wife Julia and her father Peter where after the Great Shift Robert becomes his daughter-in-law Julia and has sex with Steve and Julia as Robert has sex with her former father Peter who became his wife Karen. So happy fathers day.

  24. Could you do a caption of me “Ned” body swaping with my busty mexian friend “Aki” and can you show both sides of the story of how we touch each others bodys. Its also a long distance swap.

  25. Really love your captions. I’ve been reading it for quite a long time. Really hope you would make more FOSE Captions in this new year of 2020. By the way, could I know who’s the female pornstar on your latest caption, the “Look At Me!”.

    Lastly, keep up the good work! 😉

    1. If I know the name of the model I’ve put it in the file name. Just right click and “save as” and it should show it.

  26. Could I suggest a sequel to “his girlfriend’s mom”. Paul comes to regret his breakup and tries to wins his girlfriend back, but she will only take him back under one condition…I’ll let you decide that!

    Thanks love your caps!

  27. Hey, love your captions

    Can you do one where a witch swap bodies with her ***hole boyfriend who’s constantly putting her down because she’s a woman, and then impregnates him to teach him a lesson and makes him beg to not leave him after the whole ordeal? Keep up the good job.

  28. Could you do a caption where I’m constantly being harassed by a Lesbian SJW with rainbow hair and piercings on my college campus? She is always harassing me and others saying I have “White Privilege” until the day I snap after finding a possession spell. I originally intended to use it to ruin her life but I ended but liking her life much more than my own. I start to live her life and eventually I start gaining all her negative mannerisms and I start harassing other white college guys too.

  29. Hi M,
    I paid through Fiverr for a story, but after paying, I was given no further instructions.. How do I give you information for my story…Through here?

  30. Hi there,

    may I request a cap about a guy named Felix who receives a spanking by his girlfriend after he steals her best friend’s body – and both of them realize that they find this power shift in their relation incredibly arousing?

    Thank would be cool! 🙂

  31. Dear M,
    First of all, I love your stories. You are incredibly talented and really know how to make a hot caption.
    Could you possibly do one where a gorgeous high school senior (maybe a cheerleader) who happens to be a witch is furious about her grade on a maths exam so she swaps bodies with her teacher named Dan during class and has her way with him in an after school meeting?

  32. Can you do a caps where a robbers / thefts accidentaly swap bodies with a family if you can make the robber more then 1 and all of them get switched

  33. Could you do a caption where a guy buys black market nanites to turn his girlfriend into a subservient sex slave and things go wrong… Very wrong given her girlfriend decides to auction her.

  34. Could you do a caption where a guy called Matt has a crush on a girl in the year above him at school, but she’s a lesbian, so Matt uses a body swap spell he found online to swap bodies with his sister, who is the same year as the girl and spends sexual time with his crush

  35. Could you do a f2f where a white woman steals a black womans body to sleep with the black womans well hung husband. She likes it so much that she refuses to swap back. I ask everyone this so there are a couple out there and a few on my page. I love your work it is excellent. Keep it up.

  36. Hey, your response on the main page is broken I think… when I click on the link I land at this page, but your response which can be glimpsed on the starting page is nowhere to be seen… it’s a bit strange I think. ^^;

    1. Apparently the post had the same url as the request page so it was sending you there. It’s fixed, thanks for letting me know.

  37. Hi,

    could you make a caption or series about a couple of teenage boys who swap into whores to give a friend of theirs a really unique birthday present? One of them is really looking forward to the “action” while the other, who’d more or less been tagging along, is feeling uncomfortable with his ultra-sexy body and slutty clothes, and the fact that he’ll soon be fucked by his best friend.

    That would be really cool! ^^

  38. Could you do a story where a guys hot cousin moves into his guest room after she graduated college. He begins to obsess over.her then one morning he Wakes up as her, and they both want to experiment with their new bodies together

  39. How’s about a swap between a man and his teenage sister in law. She instigates it but after living as her for awhile, he decides to stay as her.

  40. I want a revenge swap series if you would. I lost my job earlier this month and I’d like to see a revenge swap. Company Walmart. Reason revenge

  41. I just recently lost my job at walmart and would love to do a revenge swap where a hot associate who stole my job and I swap bodies

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