Now what?

You awake early on the second morning of your beach trip with your girlfriend’s family and immediately notice things are wrong. You’re in someone else’s room. As you glance around, long hair tickles your neck and your body jiggles in strange ways. Throwing off the covers you gasp in astonishment as you find yourself looking down at the naked body of a woman you now inhabit. After the initial shock wears off you recognize the belly button ring and your distinctly manicured nails.
Somehow you’re in the body of your girlfriend’s single mom.
You’re naked except for some blue panties. Your breasts splay down either side of your chest, heavy and gorgeously large. Your girlfriend’s mom is hot and she kept flirting with you. Did she do this?
Curious now, and not knowing how long you’ll be inside her, you slip your panties off. You pause as you gape down at her delicate mound – your mound – your pussy. Freshly shaved.
You slide your hand down and stroke along your entrance, fingers just dipping inside to land on your warm folds. A gentle pressure blossoms inside you, less urgent than when you were a guy, but growing ever more so as you continue stroking.
Your new body is so gorgeous and you grow wetter and more lustful as you fondle yourself. Your fingers move faster, dipping in to your wetness. As you move faster and harder you can hear the lewd sounds of your new sex. It’s so arousing watching your girlfriend’s mom touch herself, feeling her from the inside. You stroke until the pressure erupts, filling your brain with lust and desire as you moan into the empty room.
Once it’s over you’re still inside her body. Now what?

A young man gains the ability to possess people and uses his newfound power to boost his crush’s self-esteem while enjoying her pleasure along the way in Hot for Teacher, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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