Hold up

Neville fiddled around with the device he’d found, unaware of its true purpose. As he held it he idly wondered when his daughter would return home.
In a flash he was no longer at his kitchen table but was in a stranger’s bedroom. Someone was holding him aloft by his legs, spreading them wide, their chest pressed against Neville’s back. And there was a pressure inside him, the feeling of a warm foreign object sliding deep inside. Something tickled his neck while someone grunted in his ear.
Looking down, Neville found he was inside the pale body of his daughter. Her tits bounced as the man thrust into him and – oh god! – there was a stranger’s cock forcing apart the lips of his daughter’s pussy. He could feel everything, inside and out: the hot breath of the man on his cheek, the jiggle of his body, the warm, wonderful feeling of an approaching orgasm.
Oh no, not like this! Neville tried to struggle but the man gripped his thighs tighter. Neville cried out in a tiny voice “N-no!” but his objection went unheeded, coming as it did from a voice fluttery with lust.
He came, quivering in the man’s hands as ecstasy and lust and relief filled his mind. The orgasm was tremendous and for a moment he forgot he was his daughter, just living in the moment of bliss. The heat pumping between his thighs, the spurts of hot seed filling him, were all part of his wonderful desire.
Neville would soon find out that there was no way back. He’d been sealed in his daughter’s body – and she in his – forever.

A young man gains the ability to possess people and uses his newfound power to boost his crush’s self-esteem while enjoying her pleasure along the way in Hot for Teacher, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Can we get a follow up where the daughter in the dads body adjust real easy to her new life as a man. Fucking her mom on the daily.

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