Lady Valiant Comics

Exciting updates from my friends over at Lady Valiant Comics:

Lady Valiant is coming close to it’s 500th page!  For those that aren’t familiar, Lady Valiant is a sexy superhero story about a nerdy student who swaps bodies with his sexy teacher who happens to be the titular heroine Lady Valiant!

But, also a part of the universe is the Patreon-exclusive comic Turbulence, which has even more body swapping adventures!  A grizzled fighter pilot crashes an experimental jet into an alien scout ship and wakes up in the body of a super babe!  Turbulence has 60 issues available on the patreon as well!

The Lady Valiant Patreon also houses the creator’s personal commission vault, which has over 100 unique bodyswapping and possession commissions he has made!  Some pieces include ‘Cabin in the Morning Woods’ and ‘Cabin Aftermath’, an erotic body swapping horror story about five college co-eds spending a winter break at a cabin, only to come back not quite themselves(over 100 pages!!)

Also on the patreon are some limited collaborations, like ‘Thot-Spider’; a collab with Marvel fan creator Tracyscops(one of 4 collabs with Tracy!).  An erotic body swapping tale starring Ghost Spider, drawn expertly by  acclaimed artist Garth Graham!

If you want to see more works like this, and support the creator in making even more works like this, join the patreon today!

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