Have his way

When I came up the stairs of my family home and saw my fiance, Emily, with her top up and her pants down I knew right away what had happened.
“Vernon,” I hissed, “Get the hell out of her body.”
Vernon paused and laughed sheepishly, my fiance’s panties already partly down her thighs.
“I was just checking out the goods,” he said, tucking a strand of hair back behind one slender ear. “Nicely done, little brother, she’s hot.”
He reached up to squeeze his tits and I pushed his hands away.
“She’s not your toy. Leave her alone.” I demanded, enraged.
“Come on, let’s fuck,” he said, ignoring my protests. “Have you two done it yet? I bet she’s a wild animal in bed.”
Vernon had always been like this. He was a bodyhopper, and my whole life had been spent with him bringing home various bodies, or taking over friends or teachers. It wasn’t always sexual but it was always to serve his own ends. He was a greedy little prick. He was the main reason I’d resisted coming back home for so long but my fiance really wanted to meet my parents. I tried to time it so Vernon would be away but he changed his plans to meet us.
“No. I’m not touching her with you inside.”
“Fine. I’ll touch myself. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how it goes.”
I was impotent with rage as he walked my fiance’s body back to his room to have his way with her.

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