That annoying little voice

Ariana had long ago gotten used to that annoying little voice in her mind that was her body’s original occupant. The woman had been a wife and mother of two and such a fucking prude. She’d been wasting a perfectly good body until Ariana moved in.
Ariana was a stripper. She loved her job but was getting on in years. Her popularity was waning. She was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time when an ancient spell had been triggered when workers disturbed an old burial ground.
Ariana had suddenly found herself in this gorgeous busty body. It took her some time to realize that the voice cowering in her head wasn’t her going crazy but was actually the original owner.
Now, as Ariana bounced on the thick girth beneath her, yowling like a wildcat, the woman inside was dragged along with her enjoyment. Her huge breasts jiggled delightfully on her chest as she grinded her pussy along the length of the man beneath her.
The world vibrated around her as she crested, her body locking up, voice squeaking as she shivered with shock and joy and bliss. She came crashing back down to earth, the woman inside her — as ever — appalled by her behavior. But that woman was just a passenger. If Ariana wanted to fuck every customer in the strip club she would and the woman would be forced to enjoy it with her. This was her body now no matter how much the previous owner whined.

A young man gains the ability to possess people and uses his newfound power to boost his crush’s self-esteem while enjoying her pleasure along the way in Hot for Teacher, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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