Hot for Teacher (Preview)

A young man gains the ability to possess people and uses his newfound power to boost his crush’s self-esteem while enjoying her pleasure along the way in Hot for Teacher, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories.

Tim has a pretty boring life. Bland career. Lousy apartment. Unrequited crush on one of his former teachers. The usual. He’s on a trajectory to nowhere until he chances across a mysterious alien stone that gets absorbed into his body.

By accident Tim discovers that he can now step into other people’s bodies and take control, or simply watch the world and experience life from behind their eyes. After some sexy experimentation as other people he reveals his powers to his crush and is happily surprised when she agrees to let him pilot her body for one unforgettable night of shared ecstasy that will forever change their relationship.

This 12,000+ word story contains themes of male to female, and male to male body possession, as well as intense erotic solo and couple scenes.

Tim finished typing up the formal letter he’d been tasked to do and emailed it to his boss. The whole thing had taken less than ten minutes to finish, though this morning his boss had given him two days to do it. Tim didn’t know whether it spoke to his competence or the incompetence of the former assistant he’d replaced, but the expectations for this job were extremely low. The whole thing was, frankly, boring. But the work was steady and it paid better than a lot of the other jobs Tim had looked at. It was otherwise unremarkable in every other way. The same could be said about himself, he often thought.

The only sounds Tim could hear were the people around him typing and the occasional trill of a telephone. Even his cubicle buddy, Ollie, was quiet. Ollie was a middle-aged guy with short black hair and glasses. He had with both dad humor and a dad-like appearance. He acted as Tim’s mentor. Act being the operative word.

They both got along well, though, sharing a smirk at some of the dysfunction around the office. Ollie was more outgoing than Tim and well-known around the office as the ‘fun’ guy. Tim mainly kept his head down, did his job and left each day.

Tim glanced behind him and peered over Ollie’s shoulder. Ollie was scrolling through some website that clearly had nothing to do with the business of house drafting and design which the firm specialized in. Ollie was a nice guy and affable enough to help kill the hours. Tim suspected Ollie was oftentimes offloading his work onto Tim. Tim didn’t always mind as it gave him something to do. The worst thing about this job was the boredom.

Tim’s cell phone was on his desk and as he turned back it lit up with a message. He swiped it open to find a text from Laura, his long-time crush:

Don’t think my ex has realized the mortgage payments are still coming out of his account!

Tim smiled to himself and responded:

When do you think he’ll figure it out?

Her reply came quickly:

Never I hope.

Laura was more than twice Tim’s age. He’d fallen for her the instant she stepped up to the whiteboard in his seventh grade social studies class and introduced herself as their teacher, Ms. Goodson. Laura had wonderfully wide hips and lusciously pillowy breasts that Tim often fantasized about burying his head between. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her dancing bust as she bounced from one side of the classroom to the other. She was energetic, witty and kind. Tim had taken an instant liking to her. They always got along in class and Tim became the secretary on the student council just so he could spend more time with her as the teacher overseeing them.

Though, Tim had to admit they made kind of an odd pair. Tim was a skinny kid with dark curly hair who somehow managed to always look younger than he was, partly because of his short stature. In later years he tried growing a mustache or at least some stubble in an attempt to look older but it came in scraggly and gross and he soon trimmed it. His inability to grow sufficiently adult body hair made him feel like a child. But he had a keen intellect and Ms. Goodson always treated him as an adult.

Later that same year Tim friended her on Facebook and she accepted, which was probably against some sort of school rule but neither of them brought it up. Tim opted not to abuse this trust and at first only messaged her about school work or to wish her a happy birthday. But as the years went by they kept up with each other and by the time Tim turned eighteen and graduated high school they were messaging each other as equals. She’d confessed she found him mature and easy to confide in. The feeling was mutual. They’d become each other’s friend and confidant, though Tim always wished they could be more.

He couldn’t help but think that if he was only a few years older—and Laura much more single—they could have actually dated. As it was, they went out on friend dates a few times. Tim had visited her house to watch a trashy drag queen show they both enjoyed while they ate takeaway. They’d gone to see a new exhibit at the modern art gallery. He’d watched her piano recital. To Tim it felt like they were almost dating, though they never kissed.

Also, Laura kept trying to meet other guys and didn’t see him as a romantic partner. But still!

Laura’s relationship status changed a few months after Tim graduated high school. She was reluctant to share this with Tim at first, which was unusual, but soon confessed that she was going through a messy divorce. What’s more, she’d recently gotten pregnant. The story Tim got was that her ex was an asshole, flying a whole ship’s worth of red flags that Laura rationalized or ignored until it all came to a head when she discovered he was cheating on her with her (now former) best friend. All of it added up to her feeling unlovable, verging on depressed, despite Tim’s best efforts at cheering her up.

Did you get some sleep last night? Tim texted.

A little. Good thing it’s summer break. Plenty of time to catch up on the shows all the kids are talking about. Gotta stay hip and with it.

This was followed by an out-of-date meme that made Tim shake his head in wry amusement. Soon enough he drummed his fingers on the desk, frowning to himself as he worried about her. He knew her enough to understand that she was clearly trying to hide her depression behind a happy veneer. God, he wished there was something he could do to make her feel better.

“Hey, Ollie,” a woman’s voice from behind Tim caught his attention. “I brought you something.”

Tim swiveled his chair around and found Alison poking her head into their cubicle and smiling at Ollie. Alison was a pleasantly plump woman slightly older than Tim and with curly blonde hair. She had a tray of cookies in her hand and she offered them to both Tim and Ollie. Ollie took one and bit into it.

“Mmm. Oh, man, this is delicious.” Ollie said between bites.

“I can give you the recipe,” she offered with a little smile.

“I’m hopeless at baking. You’d have to come over to my place and do it for me. Like an Uber but for baking.”

“There’s an extra fee associated with that,” she winked.

Tim munched silently on his cookie and wished they would just fuck already. Rumor around the office was that they had. Tim wasn’t so sure. There was definitely some heavy flirting but both of them were married. Maybe it was just a case of Alison being Ollie’s office girlfriend.

“They are good. Thanks.” Tim raised his cookie in salute and Alison beamed at him.

Another message on Tim’s phone pulled his attention away as the two continued talking with each other. It was Laura again. Her date for the night had been cancelled because the guy she’d been flirting with online found out she was pregnant and didn’t want anything to do with that.

Why couldn’t she see that the perfect guy for her was right here? Tim didn’t care she was pregnant. In fact, he was excited at the thought of helping her raise a child. It would prove how much of an adult he was. Was the problem that she still saw him as a student? That she thought he was too young for her?

Tim texted her back, offering to pick up dinner from her favorite Italian place.

That would be so sweet she replied. But I don’t want to put you out.

I’ll be eating it too! Lol Tim typed back, to which she responded with a love heart.

By now Alison had her arm on the top of the cubicle and was resting her chin in the crook of her elbow, still talking to Ollie and clearly sticking around. She turned to look down the row of cubicles and quickly stepped away, assuming a more professional look.

“Magdalena is coming. Look busy,” she hissed, before turning and quickly walking away. A few seconds later Magdalena appeared, holding some papers. She looked down her long nose at Tim and Ollie. Magdalena was two levels above Ollie in the hierarchy and a scary woman at the best of times. The rough eastern European accent just added to it. Her face was sharp-featured, like a model, and she would have been gorgeous if she didn’t have such a severe expression all the time. The pant suits she wore were professional but never failed to hide the busty body beneath.

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  1. Absolutely loved this story; some of your best work to date! I love M2M in this vein and really hope you use your incredibly writing style to explore it more… Thanks for all the great work!

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