The only thing I missed

My boyfriend’s dick jumped to attention in my hand as I slid my lube-soaked fingers up and down the ribbed shaft.
“Oh!” I cried, mouth dropping open in surprise at the sudden sharp arousal that flared to life within me.
Unlike with my pussy — which required gentle teasing before a warmth would blossom in my core — this feeling was crisp and immediate, making me buck my hips up towards my hand on each downstroke.
“Oh! Yeah!” I laughed, continuing those long, steady strokes of my length that only increased the quick pressure within me.
I’d been cuddling with my boyfriend on the couch when the role exchanger hit our small town. In an instant my boyfriend’s thick cock bulged beneath my skirt and fell down warmly against my inner thigh. Thank God I kept my tits, because I had my boyfriend’s desire for them.
Now as I pumped my cock in my warm slick hand I stared down at my delicious tits. They wobbled on my chest. I wished I could bury my face between them.
There was a sharp release of tension at the base of my dick and then I was spurting all over myself.I leaned back and aimed the ropes of thick, white cum across my chest, splattering my beautiful breasts with creamy seed.
The only thing I missed about my pussy was the multiple orgasms. It would be hours until I would be able to do all that again.


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