Odds were small

Rohan lay back on the hotel bed and gazed down at his cousin's pussy, which had recently given him so much pleasure. His pussy lips were still engorged, the pink folds visible beneath while tiny tremors continued to wrack him occasionally.
He'd taken a vacation to Swap Resort, along with his extended family as a reunion of sorts. There were so many people that the odds he would swap bodies with someone he knew were very small. And yet, when the switch happened, Rohan found himself in his cousin's bedroom. She was still wearing the cute black leggings and blouse combo that she'd arrived in.
Rohan made short work of her clothes, tearing them off and tossing them aside to stare down at her body. He'd always had a forbidden desire for her that he never spoke of, and now her body was stretched out beneath him, naked and willing to do whatever he wanted.
He started with her chest, fondling the heavy breasts he'd lusted after and were even better than he'd imagined. Her little nipples were so sensitive, shooting soft flares of desire through his body and down between his legs. There was the peculiar feeling of loosening and moistening and tension as he stroked the line of his pussy. He pressed his fingers deeper until he reached his dew and spread it up and down his opening.
The room rang with the sound of his cousin's deliciously melodic voice crying out in orgasm, again and again, until he was exhausted and trembling.

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