Half truths

The last thing Evan remembered was driving along a small road through the woods with his girlfriend and a huge dark figure lumbering in front of the car. He'd jerked the wheel in fright and must have hit a tree or something because he blacked out.
Evan awoke in a stranger's bedroom. He pushed himself into a sitting position and felt a weight shift on his chest and something soft and silky spill down his shoulders. He glanced down and his eyes widened in shock as he found two tits hanging from his chest, and the silky stuff on his shoulders was wavy auburn hair.
The hair was styled like his girlfriend's hair, and the breasts - even from this angle - looked familiar. When he raised his hands to touch them he found immaculately manicured nails painted white. His girlfriend's hands. Somehow he was in her body! He began to panic.
Evan pushed the covers aside and stuck one leg out of bed. That's when he realized he was completely naked.
The door opened and Evan froze, half out of bed, as an old man brought in a tray of food.
"Ah, you're awake! Excellent. We have much to talk about."
Evan pulled the covers back up over his naked body. "Who are you? What happened?"
The old man shook his head. "Your mind was fine but your body was gone. The girl was the opposite, so I saved you the only way I could."
Evan would soon discover that there was much the old man wasn't telling him. But for now he struggled to take in the fact that his girlfriend was dead and he was wearing her body.

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