Feels like falling for the first time

The Great Shift had swapped Ryan into the body of his younger sister and Kelly into the body of her mom. But even in different bodies, Ryan and Kelly were still in love.
Kelly helped Ryan adjust to being a woman, giving him a crash course in bras and tampons and makeup. Kelly's mom was an older, bustier version of Kelly. The first time Ryan saw her in a bra and panties was also the first time he felt arousal in his sister's body. A funny warm feeling between his legs.
Kelly had seemed shy about being touched in her mom's body. She wasn't taking it well no matter how many times Ryan told her she was gorgeous and still the woman he loved.
As they sat on the bed talking, Kelly having just demonstrated how to put a bra on, Ryan felt a rush of desire so great he had to lean forward and kiss her.
She paused and then kissed him back. Her kisses were tentative at first as their lips and tongue each explored the other. Ryan slid his hands across Kelly's sides and felt her gliding her fingers up his arm. Their tits pressed together as their bodies drew closer. The funny warmth between Ryan's legs sparked into a wonderful ache, and soon they were making out deeply. They tasted each other, releasing little sighs of contentment as their pent-up desire escaped until they tossed off all their clothes and Kelly taught him what it really felt like to be a woman.

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  1. Hi there M, I was reading, Controlled by the Bully again and I just want it to pitch maybe an alternative part 3 ending? Maybe a “dark ending” were the Bully wins?

    Just an idea,

    Have a good one.

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