My cousin didn’t object

I couldn’t believe my cousin wasn’t objecting to this as I wrapped my breasts around his cock and began titty-fucking him. He was rock hard, and I could feel his heat slide between my pillowy breasts, the tip of his dick appearing just below my nose.
I tried to fight it but the person controlling my body was too powerful. All I could do was watch helplessly from within my own mind as this stranger made me do lewd things with my cousin. I could feel everything, including how wet my pussy was getting. The stranger was getting turned on at degrading me like this.
My head turned to look up at my cousin and I licked my lips lasciviously. He grinned down at me while I screamed inside my head for him to stop me. But he didn’t. He was clearly enjoying this.
A drop of his precum slid out, mashing against my chest, searing my body. I was forced to share in the stranger’s pleasure as they delighted in forcing my hands to my tits and used them to jerk off my cousin.
He came suddenly, grunting and thrusting up. Each hot spurt of cum splashed across my neck and dripped down my chest as I cooed like some sort of dumb slut.
God, what would my cousin think of me? How could I explain this when I got my body back?
Would I get my body back? Or would I be forced to live the rest of my life as a passenger behind my own eyes while this stranger did whatever he wanted with my body?

Chapter 4 of a serial in which an angry young man is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her. In this chapter, Eric is forced to go into his mom’s work with her last command still making him hunger for men.

Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

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