Make Me (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 of a serial in which an angry young man is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her. In this chapter, Eric is forced to go into his mom’s work with her last command still making him hunger for men.

Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


  1. Definitely my favorite short story series so far. Would love to see more forced body swap/mind control stories from you.

  2. Another excellent chapter in this lewd story.

    Considering what Eric did, I hope his mom gets some sweet revenge and command him to do something taboo. Maybe something involving his dad.

  3. Great caption. Very much a fan of your work. I was hoping if your up for it of course you’d be willing to do a request: A college student is in fear bc his gf signed up for swap class and the matches she’ll be with are total perverts. he promises to pay his best friend to sign up for swap class in order to swap with her for the week or so of the class and take care of her body so it won’t be misused by the other perverted students. After coming up short on the money promise, the friend gets very upset and decides he can use his new body to make some money for himself.

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