Best thing that ever happened

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” My sister growled from the doorway. She was standing there in my body while I was in hers.
I paused, my sister’s tits already bursting out of her top and the panties halfway down her legs. I flicked my head to toss the silky blonde hair out of my eyes. There was no sense in lying about it.
“I’m seeing what it’s like to have tits and a pussy,” I replied.
“That’s disgusting!” She screeched. “That’s my body.”
“There’s nothing disgusting about it,” I countered. “These are my hands. My legs. My body. The only disgusting thing is you watching me like a pervert while I masturbate.”
“I’m telling dad!”
I shrugged. “He can’t watch me 24/7. At some point I’m going to stick my fingers in my tight little pussy.”
The Great Shift was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was a dorky loner who ended up in my hot sister’s body. Now everyone wanted me. Once I got over the grossness of seeing my sister and adjusted to the fact that this is the new me, I became super popular, especially with other swapped guys.
I’d felt a little left out at the last orgy that I didn’t know how to bring myself to orgasm, so I was determined to make up for it at the next one. That meant I needed to learn all about my new erogenous zones. But that was hard to do when my sister kept interrupting.
She just didn’t get it. The Great Shift happened. It’s not going to un-happen. This is my body now and I can do what I want. With that in mind, I continued doing what I wanted while she watched, aghast, as I squeezed and stroked my impressive chest.
She was the pervert here.

Just when Corey thought he broke the spell it comes back with a vengeance, transforming him into a new female stereotype every day until he can free himself in Every Day 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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