Miss me?

Christian was secretly delighted that the Great Shift had landed him in his cousin Jessica’s body. She was the older, cooler cousin and he’d always had an illicit crush on her. Now that he was in her body, it gave him the opportunity to really enjoy her beauty. He hadn’t wasted a minute and from that first night he’d run his hands over his bouncy new breasts and his exquisite curves, only going to sleep after a huge orgasm that left a big wet patch on the bed beneath him.
Jessica revealed that she felt the same way towards him and had also tried out his cock that first night. The two soon moved in together.
Christian particularly enjoyed flitting about the kitchen, topless but for an apron while his cousin’s tits bounced on his chest as he baked. By the time Jessica came home from work, Christian had usually worked himself up into a dripping frenzy of lust.
“Miss me?” Jessica would smirk, slipping behind him and slowly untying his apron as Christian bent over and rubbed his ass against Jessica’s growing bulge.
“Oh, god, I need you inside me,” he would beg.
She would throw him up against the counter and slip into his wet canal. He would moan and squeeze his juicy tits as they bounced on his chest with each thrust. His former cock felt delightful, fitting him perfectly, sliding up through his wet pussy to hit the tip of his G-spot and send wonderful shivers through his new body.

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