Request: Hello, I was wondering if you could do a caption where a boys mom who is a teacher got hopped by the school delinquent during detention and the boy walking in on his new “mom”

Raymond’s mom was a teacher at his school. One day she was scheduled to watch detention but didn’t swing by study hall to pick him up. As it grew later, Raymond worried something had happened to her, so he hiked his backpack up his shoulders and walked down to the detention room. Peeking in the small window inset into the door, he could see no other students. Raymond opened up the door and froze at the sight of his mom.
She was on all fours on her desk. She’d stripped off all her clothes and knelt nearly naked on the desk. She was playing with her tits but dropped them as Raymond came in the door.
“Oh, it’s you. I thought it was someone important,” she sneered.
“Mom? W-what are you doing?”
“I’m not your mom dickhead. I’m Eddie. I’m just possessing your mom’s body to make detention a little more interesting. You like what you see?”
Eddie turned Raymond’s mom’s head and shook his top, making his breasts bounce. God, it was so weird to see his mom move with the bully’s mannerisms, and sneer at him with her voice.
“Gross! Get out of her body!”
“Okay, okay,” Eddie said, and then paused, grinning. “If you cum on these titties.”
“No way!”
“Then I’ll just stay in here,” Eddie said. He pinched one pink nipple and sighed as he fondled himself. “I’m sure I’ll find someone who will cum on these titties sooner or later. Maybe a lot of someones.”

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  1. Awesome and so kinky. But instead of letting the son cum on her. Have someone important walk in on them as well like Principal (preferably hot female as well)or someone and have bully swap the son inside her and have hot lesbian sex.

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