My friend didn’t believe I could possess people so I decided to give him a demonstration he would never forget. I invited him over for a sleepover. Once my dad went to bed, I lay down on futon and astral projected myself out of my bed, flew upstairs, and possessed my stepmom.
In her busty body I slipped out of bed and quietly grabbed some sexy lingerie from her drawer. After putting it on, I went downstairs and presented myself to my friend.
“Ta da!” I said, spreading my arms wide and letting him ogle my dangling breasts and the sweet curves of my body.
“How do I know it’s really you?” He asked.
I moved closer and ran my finger down his chest. “Would my stepmom let you fuck her?”
A minute later he had me thrown over the couch and was sliding into me from behind. My stepmom’s pussy was already wet and I moaned as he thrust into me. His cock felt so wonderful in my pussy, stretching me apart. My breasts bounced at each thrust and my cries rose in pitch.
He came all too soon, warm spurts of cum throbbing into me, filling my stepmom’s little pussy.
“Ok. I believe you now,” he grinned as he pulled out.
I returned my stepmom’s body to her room and then projected myself out and back into my own body. I probably should have used protection because a few months later my stepmom announced she was pregnant. And I suspected it was because of my friend.

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  1. Fuck! Twist was awesome at end. You gotta do the sequel with Pregnant Step-mom absolutely surprised with her baby bump.

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