High maintenance

My wife, Julia, was always going on about safeguards for my experiments and warning her when I was about to start up one of my crazy inventions and blabbidy blabbidy blah. She was right, though. I almost hurt myself when I flipped the switch on my latest invention and suddenly found myself in my wife’s body.
She was perched atop a stool, reaching for something in the back of a kitchen cabinet when I landed in her body. I nearly lost my balance and only just managed to catch hold of the shelf. Unfortunately, it brought the whole thing tumbling down and I jumped out of the way just in time as an almighty bang rang out through the kitchen. My wife rushed upstairs, relieved that I hadn’t hurt her body but furious that I hadn’t warned her. Though, to be fair, the machine wasn’t supposed to switch our bodies. It was only supposed to read our minds.
Well, something burned out in the machine and the systems were flashing red. Until I could fix it, we were stuck in each other’s bodies. I had a hot wife, if I did say so myself, and I wasn’t exactly dreading spending the time in her body. There were definitely plenty of chances to experiment. Unfortunately, my wife was too pissed off with me to see it my way.
“If you think, for one minute, that you’re going to try to find out what sex is like in my body you can forget it. I’m not rewarding your behavior.” She said.
On top of that, she insisted I continue her beauty routine and do my best not to “ruin her social life” as she put it.
So for the past day and a half I’ve been learning about her skin care routine, applying all sorts of creams and moisturizers and makeups to my new body. I’ve even had to shave her legs and her pussy.
It was annoying at first but I found the whole shaving routine quite exciting running the razor up and down my wife’s thighs. I stared down my wife’s body, past her wonderfully bouncy tits to her pussy.
With a little experimentation I found a way to touch my slick folds that sent little shivers through me. As my pussy grew wetter my excitement grew with it and I paused shaving long enough to slide my fingers deep into my new pussy and finger myself to orgasm, whimpering in my wife’s voice as pleasure made my knees weak.
Perhaps I shouldn’t be too hasty in trying to fix the machine.

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