Swap cabin

My third day in Swap Cabin and I’m already used to waking up each day in the body of one of my friends. Though today is the best day by far because I’m in the body of Mandy, a friend I have a little crush on. Hell, everyone has a crush on her. She’s a tiny, bubbly blonde with a killer body.
I traipse into the bathroom, still dressed only in the pale yellow cami and the sheer panties that whoever was in her last night went to bed in. I brush my teeth, making faces in the mirror with my new features as I do so, getting used to moving Mandy around.
I’m much shorter so everything seems so much bigger. Then there are the other changes. As I brushed my teeth, my eyes slide down my body. The sweet swell of her delicate breasts disappear beneath the fabric of my top. My little nipples poke out the fabric. My tummy is bare and smooth, and if I look hard enough I can see the faint outline of her blonde pubic hair beneath her panties.
None of the six of us who came to the cabin have hooked up with any of the others before this week. But we’ve gone wild and agreed that anything we do stays here.
Everyone seems to have had the most fun in Mandy’s body, and I’ve been desperately waiting my turn. I’ve only got one day so I’m going to enjoy it.
I spit out the toothpaste and set the toothbrush down. I can hear others already starting to get up and I consider who I want to hook up with first.

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  1. Awesome this story can easily go upto 5 sequels with grand finale of Mandy having sex with her own body( after circle of fuckups ofcourse 😂)

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