No wonder

Layla squeezed her dad’s cock, which had replaced her pussy when the Role Exchanger blew through town. It was warm beneath her slim fingers and it jumped to attention as she stroked it. That urgent need to thrust up into something made itself felt at the base of her dick. The need she’d been fighting for several weeks ever since she found out that she had her dad’s cock. She continued stroking herself, watching her new dick grow harder, longer, until it stuck up towards her lips, a little pearl of precum at the tip.
Layla had been in her bedroom, lying on the bed with her legs crossed as she texted some friends when the Role Exchanger struck. There was suddenly a large lump between her legs that made crossing them uncomfortable and she yanked them apart and pulled up her panties to see what had happened. A large dick flopped over where her pussy used to be. It was only later, when she overheard her dad talking to her mom, that she realized who the cock belonged to. Layla was sure that if her dad knew he had his daughter’s pussy he would never have tried the things he did with her mom.
But Layla was stuck with a cock that was uncooperative, growing hard at the most inopportune times.
How the hell do you control these things? she wondered many times as she tried to adjust.
Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore and fled to her room to stroke herself. As her cock grew harder it just seemed to make her hornier. God, the sight of it was gorgeous and she had a thought. She leaned over, curling her body as much as she could while she opened her lips wide. She just managed to wrap her mouth around the tip of her dick and sucked on her own cock while she stroked herself. She came suddenly and unexpectedly, pleasure and sweet relief rushing through her as her dad’s dick pumped hot cum between her lips. She swallowed it down, horny for her own body, until that itch between her legs had been sated.
Geez, no wonder her boyfriend had liked blowjobs so much.

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  1. Model is Mariana Cordoba in case you feel like doing a follow up. I reckon her dad’s dick might still find her mom very appealing.

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