Body Switch Collection Volume 14

Another collection of five previously published erotic body swapping stories is available on Smashwords, Amazon and BodySwapStories.

Stories include:

Let Me Stay
Shane is Will’s best friend. Shane’s wife, Alicia, is Will’s worst enemy, an entitled brat who doesn’t realize how lucky she has it. After chancing upon a magical being who grants Will a body swapping spell, he takes over Alicia’s life, vowing to be a better wife and lover — and just all around person — than Alicia ever was.

Give it Up
Dan offered to help out the beautiful college girl next door, unaware that she would take him up on that offer by swapping their bodies.

Terms and Conditions
Two teens find a website that lets them create their ideal women from the best parts of all their classmates, only to discover themselves gradually transforming into those women.

Take Her for a Spin
A woman is being possessed by her coworkers, but she thinks every unusual, sensual action is her own decision.

The Next Step
In this standalone sequel to Fiancee in Law, it’s time for Natalie to move on from her life and swap bodies with her teenage granddaughter.

These stories contain explicit erotic scenes and themes of body theft, body swapping, solo, group and couple scenes.

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