Going to enjoy it

When Ed came in late at night and once again found his slob of a roommate passed out on the couch, half-dressed, it was the final straw. He used his magic to transform Todd, watching as the spell trickled down his body, turning Todd’s hair long and silky, slimming out his hips and giving him a beautiful curve of an ass. His raggedy clothes transformed into a bra. His cock and balls disappeared to be replaced with two pussy lips nestled just beneath a thong. His legs slimmed and became beautiful and shapely. When the magic finished, Todd had been transformed into a gorgeous young woman that any man would love to fuck.
Ed couldn’t wait to see the look on Todd’s face when he saw what happened. What’s more, reality had been changed so that everyone would think Todd had always been a woman. Everyone except for Ed and Todd. That would teach him to abuse their shared living space.
If Todd was going to masturbate in their shared living room then Ed was going to enjoy it.

A middle-aged man volunteers to transform himself to take the place of a high school cheerleader for a week in Stand-In, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I love ideas like this where reality changes with the transformation! Love that everyone thinks he has always been that way except for those two
    Great work!

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