Lunch break

Roger had only been swapped into his assistant’s body that morning and by lunchtime he was already being thrown over a desk and fucked from behind by the intern. Roger’s assistant, Alicia, had swapped their bodies to teach him a lesson. But the only lesson he was learning was how wonderful it felt to have a cock in his wet pussy.
Roger had been flirting with the intern all morning, and when Alicia went out to lunch they snuck into his old office for some afternoon delight.
Alicia’s blonde curls tickled down his neck as he clung to the edge of the desk. He threw his head back and moaned, delighting in the wonderful jiggle of his entire body with each thrust from the intern. He spread his legs wider, needing the dick ever deeper inside him to sate the desperate itch between his legs.
He didn’t care who heard him as he cried out, voice rising in pitch. This wasn’t his body and he didn’t give a dman about her reputation. He’d always wanted to throw her over the desk and fuck her anyway. Surprisingly, it was even hotter when he had control of her body and could make her beg for the intern’s dick until he plunged deep and emptied himself inside. He pumped Roger full of his cum as Roger cried out in orgasmic ecstasy.
“What the hell?” Came a male voice from in front of him.
He opened his eyes to find his male body standing there, staring at the two lovers who were still connected.
“Whoops,” Roger giggled.
“Whoops is right you stupid asshole. You just made the switch permanent!”
That wiped the smile off Roger’s pretty new face.

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