My stalker ex

“Come on, baby, I know you enjoyed this pussy yesterday,” my ex-girlfriend says as she rolls lazily about the bed in my mom’s body. “Come back inside. I’m so empty.”
She pouts and spreads her legs, revealing the pink folds of her pussy, already glistening with arousal. At the same time, she raises my mom’s feet in the air, wiggling her toes, inviting me closer. I already gave in yesterday. Unable to resist temptation I took her from behind at the kitchen table, plunging into her wet heat as I was filled with shame and desire. Even though I vowed never to do it again I find myself weakening at the sight of her naked body on the bed.
My stalker ex somehow found a way to possess people’s bodies and started with my mom. She won’t tell me how she did it or when she’ll leave. So I have to live with her strutting around naked in my mom’s body. Teasing me.
My ex always did know how to drive me crazy and it’s no different now that she’s in my mom’s body. She follows me around the house. Whenever I sit down she drapes herself on me. Whatever room I’m in she joins me and begins touching herself, making those little moans that I know so well. I can’t hold out forever. Sometime soon I know I’ll break.
I’ll become too hard, too horny, and end up inside her once more.

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