Mick heard the moaning and crept to the doorway of the bedroom. He knew he should have gone in there and stopped it. They were supposed to be in hiding in this family until the heat blew over, not drawing attention to themselves by doing anything unusual. And the two sisters having sex with each other was certainly unusual.
The body possession machine had slipped him into the body of a mom, and his accomplices into the body of her teenage daughters. Watching them from outside the room, Sam’s taut tits bouncing as she rode Henry’s face, made Mick extraordinarily jealous. If the father came home now there would be no way to explain this.
And yet Mick continued to watch, his panties growing moist, as the two possessed women enjoyed themselves. Mick had held off touching himself. He felt old and gross and had no desire for the body he was in. But watching the two daughters enjoy themselves made a strange itch grow within him. He slid a hand down his pants, fingers landing on his wild bush, following the trail of hair down to the rubbery lips of his pussy.
Mick gently caressed his pussy as he watched the woman’s naked daughters from the doorway. His moans grew with theirs, his fingers becoming slick with his lust. Mick’s cries were drowned out by Sam’s cries as he threw his head back and drove his pussy onto Henry’s lips.
All the women in the family came together, quaking and moaning as they orgasmed in their temporary bodies.

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