Whole new meaning

"We shouldn't be doing this," Nathan whispered in his cousin Amelia's honey voice, even as he welcomed Chris's lips to his own and lay back on the couch. He spread his cousin's legs, revealing her rich red pussy. He was dying to be touched, already moist and could feel his lips sliding together, ready to be filled.
The two brothers had been swapped into their cute cousins during a wedding. After the ensuing chaos, they'd all returned home. No one was paying attention so it was easy for Chris and Nathan to sneak upstairs to the empty guest room.
They slipped out of their dresses and admired their new bodies. Nathan had always been sort of ashamed at the lust he felt for his cousin, but now that her body was his he could do what he wanted with it. Her tits were magnificent and he took them in each hand, squeezing and stroking himself.
Chris slipped up behind and began following the curve of Jessica's body with his cousin's warm, slender hand. Soon they'd tumbled onto each other, lips crushed together, wiggling and moaning as pleasure grew through their bodies.
Chris slid his hand down between Nathan's legs, stroking Nathan's new pussy. Nathan moaned into Chris's mouth, body undulating as the anticipation wound within him. It was so hot looking down from his new perspective and seeing his cousin's naked body laid out beneath him, the little peaks of her nipples sharp with desire. And when Chris slid two fingers inside Amelia's tight hole Nathan shuddered with ecstasy.
It gave the term "kissing cousins" a whole new meaning.

A young man clones his mind into the bodies of four women at an anime convention and uses them for his own ends in Cosplayed, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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