Cosplayed (Body Theft Erotica)

A young man clones his mind into the bodies of four women at an anime convention and uses them for his own ends in Cosplayed, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

“You’re both fucking pigs,” Robert laughed. “Come on, I want to watch you two fuck.”

They followed Robert out of the convention center and around the corner to a nearby hotel. They got dirty looks as Alexis squelched through the lobby, leaving a trail of piss-footsteps down the hall. Alexis was screaming with embarrassment and rage and fear inside her head, trying her best to fight for control of her body. But she could do nothing as her body followed Robert up the elevator, down a hall and into a room.

Robert closed the door behind them and took out his phone as Victoria and Alexis peeled off their outfits and wiped themselves down with towels. Alexis found her eyes dropping down to look at her own chest, her hands coming up to fondle her soft breasts. Her fingers were awkward and greedy, the puppeteer clearly having never seen tits touched before except in a porno. Her grip was immediately too hard and she frowned, experimenting with different ways of touching herself.

Beside her, Victoria was bobbing her tits back and forth, letting them swing together and watching them bounce. Alexis copied her and the two girls laughed at each other while Robert continued aiming his phone at the both of them.

“Ok, now kiss,” Robert said.

The Robert in Alexis’s body didn’t have to be told twice. She leaned forward and kissed Victoria’s soft lips, dropping her breasts so she could stroke Victoria’s. Once again she tasted her stepsister, their tongues meeting, gliding over each other and then into their mouths, one at a time, first Alexis licking the inside of Victoria and then Victoria reciprocating as they explored each other intimately. Victoria’s hands were on Alexis’s tits now, squeezing and fondling them.

Alexis pulled away and found herself leaning down to suck on one of Victoria’s nipples. She wanted to pull back in disgust but instead her tongue shot out and circled Victoria’s pale brown areolae. Her other hand plucked gently at Victoria’s other breast. She moved her lips back and forth between the two swinging tits, kissing one then the other, grabbing them both and motorboating them, acting for all the world like a naïve virgin with his first set of breasts. Her free hand slid around Victoria’s curves and clutched her plump ass, pulling her close.

Alexis felt her body warming, her pussy lips growing slick and wet as Robert’s desire filled her. Now she was enamored with Victoria’s body, Robert’s need overtaking her own disgust as she pawed and kissed and stroked her stepsister. Victoria sighed beneath Alexis’s touch and lay back down on the bed.

Alexis straddled her, lying on top, pressing all their skin together. It was so much more sensual than she’d ever been with her stepsister. Their breasts rested together as their lips found each other again and they made out, fiercer now. Alexis’s restless fingers slid through Victoria’s hair, pulling her close, needy for her. Robert’s desire carried Alexis’s mind along. She needed to touch her sister’s soft skin, to press their bodies close, to breathe in Victoria’s delightful feminine scent.

Her body was restless and she straddled one of Victoria’s legs so she could slide her pussy up and down, grinding against her, leaving a trail of wetness up and down Victoria. Alexis was equal parts disgusted and horny as her own mouth sighed softly into Victoria’s. And then she found herself pulling away and kissing a trail down Victoria’s body, across her neck, over her breasts, past her stomach, and then she buried her face between Victoria’s legs.

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