More realistic

"That's right, just like that," Tyrone said as he placed his hand on Mal's head and guided his blonde professor's stolen mouth down his cock.
Mal continued stroking himself with the vibrator as he sucked his friend's cock, looking up into the camera every now and then so there was no question of who he was.
Mal had stolen their professor's body. Once they had this video of her giving a blowjob to one of her students they could blackmail her into good grades. Easier and more fun than studying.
"A few more seconds and then you can stop," Tyrone murmured.
"Mmm," Mal said, his mouth coming up off the warm, tasty cock. "I think we should go all the way. More realistic."
He swallowed Tyrone's cock again before Tyrone could respond. Mal was surprised at how delicious it tasted in his new mouth. He loved the warmth echoing through his body, the power he had over Tyrone with just his lips and tongue. Mal's body was crying out to be filled and he sucked Tyrone's cock faster, following the rhythm of his friend's body.
Tyrone grunted and thrust his cock deep into Mal's mouth. Mal clamped his lips around his friend's dick as it throbbed, hot spurts of cum gliding over his tongue and down his throat. He swallowed it in huge gulps, the vibrator between his legs making him hornier than he'd ever been. The taste of Tyrone's cum sent him over the edge and he came, moaning around his friend's cock as Tyrone captured every second of his professor's pleasure.

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