Worth every penny

Request: I have a friend named Julie that I’ve known for a few years I met over PlayStation anyways she’s fucking hot got little tits but a great ass and a small waist and flat stomach she’s just perfect only problem is…she doesn’t like me or anyone for that matter as far as I know she’s never even touched herself or experimented down there ive often fantasized about taking over her body and just letting loose between her thighs

The first time Ron saw Julie in the flesh was when he was inside her flesh. They'd met and only communicated online, playing games together and talking on Discord. Ron had looked her up on her social media sites and knew she was a cutie. But she never expressed interest in dating anyone, and Ron suspected from various conversations that she'd never even touched herself.
So he sent her a link to a program that, when opened, uploaded her to the bodypossession.com website. Then it was just a simple matter of paying the fee.
As soon he clicked 'Enter' the world spun and he found himself in a stranger's house. Her avatar was on the screen in front of him, her hands holding the control, her body beneath his nose.
He stripped naked, enjoying the sight of her cute petite body. He squeezed her tits and stuck out her tongue, making her lick and taste herself, enjoying the feel of her soft body beneath her own hands.
He slipped out of his pants and spread his legs, admiring her virgin pussy, the way the little folds were tucked just so, already growing wet and ready with arousal.
She was as delightful on the inside as the outside, and he soon had one hand on his tits, the other resting on his mound, fingers sliding inside his wetness as he traced his delicate folds and landed on his budding clit. Her orgasmic moans were music to his ears, and hearing her get horny made him more horny, a cycle that only ended when his body crested and he came, pleasure shooting through him as he stroked and fondled his delicate borrowed body.
It was worth every penny to hear her cum, crying out his name as his body convulsed with pleasure.

A scrawny teenager accidentally swaps bodies with his sexy fitness instructor neighbor and gets carried away with his new life in Trading Places, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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