One of a kind

In the mailbox, Andy found the small package he'd been waiting on. He rushed inside and tore it open, pulling out the contents: some lacy green and white panties, last worn by his petite Asian crush on OnlyFans. He was so eager to try them on he didn't take off his work shirt and tie, just tossed off his pants and slid her panties up his legs.
Grabbing the Medallion of Zulo, he touched it to the panties. His body transformed in a matter of seconds, shrinking in height and slimming. His muscle mass absorbed into his body, his fingers growing slender and dainty, as the color of his skin darkened from pasty white to a delicious tawany beige. 
The bulge beneath the panties shrunk until it disappeared, and the familiar sensation of his new pussy lips growing filled him with rapture. His face changed contours as long hair fell down to his shoulders.
Andy felt the changes spread across his torso and dropped the medallion to quickly unbutton his shirt. He spread it open so he could watch his bulky chest deflate, before two slight breasts pressed out, the dark nipples already sharp with arousal.
When the changes finished, he was an exact duplicate of the woman he'd been following online. He touched the tiny nipples he'd been desiring for so long, ran his hand down the smooth skin to the wondrous emptiness between his legs.
He doubted anyone else ordered panties off the internet for this purpose. And then all thoughts were pushed out by the pleasure filling his petite body as he stroked himself and slid into his silky folds.

A young man clones his mind into the bodies of four women at an anime convention and uses them for his own ends in Cosplayed, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. After enjoying his new body for a while Andy invited his best friend Ted to come over for the weekend. When Ted arrived Andy explained his friend everything. Then, with a beautiful blush on his femine cheeks, Andy, who wanted to be called Mei as a woman, asked Ted to live together with him, the new Mei, treating her as his new girlfriend. Andy, blushing Tom, nodded “yes”. The first night they returned home they were too tired to do anything and fell asleep immediately. Yet the second evening they came home early, and since they mutually got attracted to each other, things went very intimately, and they had delicious sex several times that night. At sunday morning Mei surprised Ted with a delicious breakfast. During breakfast Ted said that he thought it a pitty that Mei would disappear and Andy would return. He stated that he liked Andy, but loved Mei. “Is that true?”, asked Mei. “Yes”, said Andy, with a beautifull blush on his face. Then Mei kissed his lips and told him that Andy was gone forever and Mei was going to stay permanently. “I am your girlfriend now, and soon we will become more for each other, ” she said, smiling friendly at him. During the years to follow they became a very loving and caring couple that were always happy if they could help someone else…. . – Tom –

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