Unusually quiet

"So...the gun left me with...this." Sarah said as she slowly lifted her dress.
Bradley's eyes widened as he stared at the cock protruding from between his wife's legs.
"Wh- who's is it?" He asked.
"Dunno." She shrugged. "Could be anyone in the neighborhood."
One of their neighbors worked in an experimental research lab and somehow their teenage son had gotten hold of a ray gun that swapped people's body parts. He'd gone through the neighborhood causing chaos until he was eventually stopped. But in doing so, the gun broke. Until it could get repaired, everyone was stuck in mixed up bodies.
Bradley had seen Sarah get hit by the ray but didn't notice any changes. He assumed they'd been mental or...or...anything but this, really. Though she had been unusually quiet and introspective all night.
Sarah's cock was already erect, and she was staring at Bradley's tits. There was no doubt who he'd gotten them from. Only one woman in the neighborhood had triple Ds and now she was sporting Bradley's masculine physique.
"Do you think we should do something?" Sarah asked, tapping her cock gently and sending it bouncing up and down.
"Like what?"
"Well...you know how you like to...fuck my tits? I was wondering what it was like."
It turned out, Bradley also liked to be on the receiving end.

A young man clones his mind into the bodies of four women at an anime convention and uses them for his own ends in Cosplayed, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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