His friend’s hot mom 1

The Great Shift hit as Jeremy was coming over to pick up his friend, Rich, and drive them to the graduation ceremony. Jeremy was secretly hoping his friend's hot mom, Bethany, would be there. Jeremy pulled into the driveway and killed the engine just as the world spun.
In less than a blink, he was standing in his friend's house. Rich's dad had a camera aimed at him and Jeremy looked down at himself. Long blonde hair lay draped over a tight dress that held some incredible curves. His mouth opened in shock and he jumped back just as the picture was taken.
"You alright, Beth?" Rich's dad asked.
"I'm...I'm...what?" Was all Jeremy could manage. He could feel the dress squeezing his body and he touched one of his breasts as Rich and his dad stared at him. "Oh god," Jeremy said.
Jeremy's former body burst in the door at that moment and there was a lot of confusion until they realized it had happened to people all over the world. Rich and his dad were spared, but Jeremy was left in the body of his friend's hot mom.
Throughout the rest of the day his dress kept sliding up and he had to yank it down. His new body jiggled and bounced in exciting new ways and he couldn't wait to get home and try it out.

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