His friend’s hot mom 2

"Oh, hey," Jeremy said, rolling over onto his stomach and swiping his long, blonde hair behind an ear. His plump ass was up in the air and his heavy breasts hung from his chest. He loved the curves of Bethany's body. So elegant and graceful and fun to stroke and squeeze. "You should really knock."
His former body was standing in the doorway, Bethany inside. Jeremy didn't think there was much point in trying to hide what he'd been doing. He hadn't been able to keep his voice down and he could still smell the delicious musky scent of his pussy on his fingers.
"I've seen it all before. That used to be my body, remember?"
Oh, Jeremy remembered all right. He remembered how excited he was every time he came over and saw Bethany lounging around the house. And now he had her body to do with as he wanted. Jeremy couldn't help but notice the bulge in Bethany's pants and wondered if she was as attracted to her former body as he'd been. As he still was. The way she was staring at him in silence seemed to suggest that.
"Is there something you wanted?"
"I don't...um..." She looked behind her and then closed the door. "How do you deal with getting erections all the time?"
"Well," Jeremy said, rolling over onto his back and spreading his legs. "Maybe I can help you with that."
He dipped his finger into his still wet pussy and stroked himself as Bethany looked on, mesmerized with want.

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