Oh hey

“Oh, hey Jessica,” Mason said, looking up at his cousin – in Mason’s body – who was standing in the bathroom door. Mason paused with his hand on his friend’s breasts while Jessica’s breasts dangled from his chest. He was already slippery and wet, and the cool air of the room wafted against his cousin’s damp pussy lips.
Jessica was horrified, and for good reason. The Great Shift had swapped Mason into Jessica’s body, and Mason’s friend into Jessica’s sister, Brandi. The two guys had then snuck away to explore their new bodies while everyone was panicking. The two guys were thoroughly enjoying their new bodies, especially their huge tits.
It was a good thing Jessica hadn’t come in a few minutes earlier when Mason had his face between Brandi’s legs and was licking her sweet pussy while she howled and moaned.
Mason hoped Jessica would leave soon, because he was still incredibly horny and it was his turn to get his pussy licked. Unfortunately, Jessica made a scene and the rest of the family came up and yelled at the two. The two guys got dressed and for the rest of the night one of the other family members remained in the same room with them. Mason was so unbelievably horny and he couldn’t even touch himself without getting yelled at.
Eventually they would discover that the Great Shift was permanent, and Mason and his friend would have plenty of time to fuck each other. But that first week was awful and awkward.

A man possesses the body of his gorgeous long-time friend and golf pro to enjoy a weekend of exploring her body and being a professional athlete in Going Pro, available on Smashwords or Amazon or bodyswapstories.com. Preview here.

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  1. Hi! I really enjoy reading your stories. Can you do one where a babysitter swaps bodies with the baby, and when the owner returns home, the baby is forced to watch their own body get fucked as payment for babysitting?

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