AITA for letting my girlfriend possess a stranger?

Okay, hear me out. I (25M) work at a coffee shop and there’s this incredibly hot but also pain-in-the-ass blonde woman who comes in every day. Let’s call her Meg (21F).
Meg always wears these expensive outfits and tons of jewelry. She orders the most stupidly complicated drinks and is very rude about everything. And, oh my god, does this woman love complaining. I’m not even sure why she keeps coming in if she claims to hate our coffee so much.
Anyway, the other day I found out my girlfriend (26?) is a bodyhopper. She offered to take over Meg’s body and let me do whatever I wanted with her. I said no because I felt kind of weird about it, but the next day Meg showed up at my apartment and I knew it was my girlfriend inside.
She started unzipping my pants and I figured, hey, she wants it. So I let her suck my dick. Man, it was so hot seeing that blonde bitch with her mouth full of my cock. My girlfriend gives good blowjobs, too, so she was making Meg deep throat me and choking on my dick. Then when I came she pulled off and let me jet my seed all over her pretty face. She moaned as it dripped down her chin, and then licked all my cum off. It was so hot I almost came again!
My girlfriend enjoyed it so much she wanted to do it every day. So most days I come home to Meg waiting for me, desperate for my dick, and wanting to be filled with my cum.
I finally told my girlfriend I don’t think this is right because Meg doesn’t know what she’s being made to do. But my girlfriend thinks it’s my fault because I didn’t say no. Am I the asshole?

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