Going Pro (MtF Possession)

A man possesses the body of his gorgeous long-time friend and golf pro to enjoy a weekend of exploring her body and being a professional athlete in Going Pro, available on Smashwords or Amazon or bodyswapstories.com.

I hadn’t seen my friend, Cassie, since college. So when she said she was going to be playing in a tournament near me and suggested we get together I jumped at the chance.

She just didn’t know how close I really wanted to get to her. I used my powers to possess her body, melding my mind with hers so I could become her for the weekend. It was amazing being pampered and going to photo shoots and just having a body that was so strong and flexible.

I loved every inch of her, enjoying her pleasure and diving into her thoughts and feelings to get to know her more intimately than I’d ever known anyone as I used her knowledge of herself to thoroughly explore her body.

But are my experiences in her body changing both of us? Will our relationship ever be the same?

My leg jiggled nervously as I sat at an outside table overlooking the golf course. I sipped on an Arnold Palmer and watched a couple of old men tee off at a nearby hole. I couldn’t quite hear the waves breaking against the San Diego shore from the clubhouse but the air carried the salty tang of the ocean. My phone was on the table and I tapped the screen to check the time. Danielle would be here any minute.

I’d met Cassandra (or Cassie as she preferred to be called) back in college, well before I learned about my powers. We met at our first pre-law class. I had taken a seat near the back of the packed lecture hall and she’d come in late, struggling with a broken backpack strap. The lecture hall door had banged against the wall, making the lecturer pause and a hundred sets of eyes turn to her. She’d sat heavily in the empty seat next to me.

“Rough first day?” I whispered to her while the lecturer resumed the talk he’d stopped when Cassie had so abruptly entered.

She glanced at me, sizing me up to see if I was teasing her or commiserating. It was the first time I’d ever got ‘the look’ and I felt pinned by her gorgeous blue-green eyes. It was a cold stare but hot at the same time. Something in her expression was wonderfully tempting. She was gorgeous, with soft features, cupid’s bow lips, and an exquisite nose. Her blonde hair was tied back in a messy bun and a wavy strand had escaped to fall down one side of her face.

When she decided I was commiserating she softened and gave me just a hint of a smile. “All the hallways look the same.”

“I know,” I whispered back. “I only realized I wasn’t in my social justice lecture this morning when they started dissecting frogs. By then I already had the scalpel so I figured ‘what the hell?’.”

Her smile grew a bit wider and after that we were fast friends. It helped that we both loved to golf and would spend long weekend afternoons on the green flirting, teasing each other, and occasionally talking about our assignments. Cassie quickly established she was the better golfer and only revealed after our first round that she was actually on the university golf team. It took me much longer to realize I was falling for her but by then we’d become just friends.

Her golf game improved immensely to the point where she went pro after college and won a few major tournaments. I joined a mid-sized law firm here in San Diego and had some reasonable success as an attorney. We sort of drifted apart, keeping up online now and then through social media.

A few days ago she’d messaged me to tell me she was swinging back through town on a tournament at Torrey Pines and wanted to know if I’d like to play a few rounds. I’d readily agreed, eager to see her again after so much time. I wasn’t nervous about playing her. I was decent, and with my 6 handicap I expected the game may even be close if I was having a good day and she was having a bad.

No, I was nervous I would become her.

My powers had eventuated after a chance encounter with a bodyhopper soon after graduation. He could possess people. Meld his mind into their body. Take total control over their bodies and even join with their mind to exert mental changes that would remain after he left. He had unlocked a hidden talent I didn’t even know I had and we spent a hedonistic week in a variety of bodies doing whatever we pleased. He was morally dubious and I began to question whether what we were doing was okay. We went our separate ways and I managed to push my ability to the back of my mind, ashamed at what I’d done.

Most of the time, at least.

I admit, I’d caved a few times. I mean, how could I not? It was almost criminally easy to hop a lawyer for the defense and read their thoughts so that I was prepared for their arguments. And once or twice I’d gotten jealous and hopped one of my firm’s wealthier clients to enjoy their life temporarily.

But I didn’t seek out opportunities. I only took them when they arrived. It would be difficult to explain away how my body disappeared into thin air right in front of someone so I had to hop them when we were alone. And I couldn’t do it in my office, because even if I could do it without being spotted I wouldn’t be able to explain the absence of my real body. So despite the little voice in my head that really wanted to do it again I tried to avoid temptation by not creating the opportunity.

A woman’s voice interrupted my thoughts: “Hope you’re not adding an alcohol handicap. I wanted a challenge.”

I turned from my blank gaze out at the golf course to find Cassie standing beside the table. She was still an awesome combination of beautiful and athletic. She was about 5’10”, and her long lean legs flowed out from beneath her dark blue golf skirt. She had on a matching white and blue top that hugged her trim figure and displayed her lovely golden arms. Her smile was as bright as I remembered. Her wavy blonde ponytail poked out over the back of her blue visor.

I stood and hugged her and we exchanged the usual pleasantries of old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. It was almost our tee time and I’d already checked out a golf cart and rented some clubs for myself. Cassie tossed her clubs in the back next to mine and we drove out to the first hole.

“Thanks for being my golfing buddy,” Cassie said, squeezing my arm.

“Nervous about the tournament this weekend?”

It would be right here on Torrey Pines, which was why she wanted to play through beforehand.

“Not yet,” she grinned. “I only get nervous, like, an hour beforehand. But once I step up to hit the first drive it’s showtime.”

We stepped up to the first tee and surveyed the hole. It was an easy one to start. Gently rolling hills surrounded by a thin line of trees and scrub.

“Shall I go first so I can show you how to play this hole?” I teased her.

“Are you trying to mansplain golf to a professional?” She replied wryly.

“Yeah, you’re a pro. But you’re also a woman so I figured…” I shrugged and smiled widely so she knew it was a joke.

She gave me the look. Christ, it was hot. Cold but with some smoldering heat behind it. I could sense it was only a slight tweak away from a lustful look. Or maybe that was just me and my hope that my feelings were reciprocated.

“Whoa,” I said, backing away playfully with my hands up. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Don’t make me,” she grinned.

She stooped and placed her ball on the tee before taking a few warm up swings. Then she adjusted herself, shuffling her feet and her shoulders until she was in position. I watched her form, determined to keep my eyes off her skirt and the gentle curve of her ass beneath.

When she whacked the ball dead straight between the two bunkers and only a mid-iron approach from the green I knew I was in trouble. I took my shot and held my breath as my ball skirted the edge of one bunker and ended with a fairly decent lie.

“Passable.” She nodded. “I’ll make a man out of you yet.”

I tipped an imaginary hat to her and we got back into the golf cart. We both made par on the first hole but it went downhill for me after that. My game did, anyway. Our conversation was fun.

We chatted about old times and people we knew. So and so was in jail or running for congress or just opened a yoga studio. I learned about life on the women’s pro circuit. Fancy hotels and the chase for sponsors.

“It’s a lot of work just to be able to play a game my whole life,” she said as we drove to another hole.

“Still, there are worse things. You could be one of my clients, for instance.”

“Yeah? Give me the dirt. What’s the worst case you’ve had?”

“Well…” I thought for a bit as I guided the cart up to the next tee. “I can’t name names, obviously. But I had one guy who got caught embezzling from his wife’s company and only found out after he went to jail that she was cheating on him with the guy who was helping him embezzle the money.”

“Can you imagine the talk around that dinner table?” Cassie laughed.

By the time we reached the back nine I was already five strokes down and Cassie showed no signs of letting up.

“Come on, take it easy on a guy!” I kidded her as she sunk another birdie.

She just stuck her tongue out at me. There was little hope of me making a comeback to win, which actually took some of the stress off. It didn’t make me any better but it did make me realize I should just kick back and enjoy the view. The crashing waves. The gorgeous tree-lined vista. Cassie’s exquisitely long legs and taut rear end. Man, that little golf skirt was killing me. I caught the peak of spandex shorts beneath them but they just tightened and toned her already amazing body.

“How can you possibly be beating me when you haven’t listened to any of my tips?” I joked as she landed on the green ahead of me.

“Like when you landed in the bunker and told me not to do that? Yeah, that was a great tip.” She said sarcastically.

“I’m free to be your caddy this weekend,” I offered grandiosely. “Maybe give you some more top tips like ‘don’t go in the water hazard’ or ‘don’t let a bird steal your ball’.”

“Does that happen a lot?”

“Don’t ask me. You’re the golf pro.”

She shot me that sizzling icy hot look again and my resistance evaporated. I couldn’t just flirt with her and then leave at the end of the day. My mind was racing as we climbed the hill for the penultimate hole. The putting green was in a shallow dip that shielded us from view of the people behind us. The last hole ended back up in front of the clubhouse where there would likely be too many people.

I stood beside her as she made a ten foot putt and as the ball clinked into the hole I hopped her. My body evaporated, becoming pure energy that shot into her, filling her body. Between one blink and the next the world had shifted slightly. I was now standing slightly bent, the putter in my hand, eyes still locked on the hole.

But now I was inside Cassie’s body. I stood and breathed deeply through my nose, getting used to her senses. She had a heightened sense of smell and I caught the slight salt of the sea breeze as it wafted around me.

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