Breaking the curse

Julian closed his eyes and savored the delicious taste of cum as the stranger’s dick pumped hot seed down Julian’s throat. It was just a few more drops towards breaking the curse. The only saving grace about the curse was the taste. The spell made sure that cum was the most wonderful thing he’d ever tasted and he moaned as he slurped down the last few spurts.
When he’d drunk it all, he raised his lips off the dick with a wet pop and smiled up at the stranger.
“Thanks for that,” Julian said, before rising and beginning to get dressed.
“Leaving so soon?” The man asked.
“Yep,” Julian replied, stepping into his delicate panties and rolling them up his slender legs to nestle them against his smooth crotch.
There wasn’t time to be sentimental. Hell, he didn;’t even know this guy’s name. It was just one more load on his quest to break the curse. He couldn’t stick around with anyone or he’d never get to a gallon of cum before the next full moon.
If he failed, he’d be stuck as this blonde sexpot forever, his only desire in life to suck dick. At least for the moment he had some agency.
Julian hit the streets before the stranger could object anymore. The bars were still open. There was still time to gather some guys together before the end of the night. If he was lucky he’d find another group of frat boys willing to fill him. Though they would probably want access to all his holes. Julian would have to figure out a way to deal with that. It only counted when he swallowed.

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