Secret Lives (MtF Possession)

As a result of an errant wish, three young men are switched into the bodies of three sexy women in Secret Lives, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Ethan, Samuel and Joseph are poking around Joseph’s house one day when one of them wishes they knew where their dads were. Suddenly, they’re each switched into the body of the three women nearest one of the dads.

One guy is now a sexy secretary. Another is a prostitute. And the third is one of the other’s stepmom.

Even more worrisome, they all find themselves in these new bodies while in the middle of compromising positions and their newfound pleasure is too much to resist.

Can they figure out what caused the switch? Or will they be stuck in their sexy new bodies forever?

“Cannonball!” Ethan shouted as he jumped into the pool, his long hair blowing out crazily above his head.

Samuel and Joseph watched in appreciation as a fountain of water splashed up almost to the roof of the pool house, spraying them in the process. When Ethan hauled his pale, lanky body out of the pool he pushed his soaking wet hair out of his eyes and looked over at the other two guys. “How was that?”

“Nice,” Joseph said, “I think you hit the ceiling.”

“I can do better,” Samuel said, peeling off his shirt to reveal his rippling abs.

“Yeah, right,” Ethan scoffed.

Ethan crossed his arms and watched Samuel with a smirk. Samuel took his time, hamming it up by stretching out slowly before cracking his knuckles. Samuel was the most fit of the three, his body toned and sculpted from his time at the gym as a member of the high school wrestling team. He took everything seriously, even something as frivolous as a splash competition.

Ethan lay back in a deck chair and rolled his eyes. “Just go already.”

Finally, Samuel said smugly: “Watch and learn, bitches.”

He leaped into the pool, tucking one leg up against his chest to do a can opener. When he rose from the water he hauled himself up the ladder and ran a hand through his short blonde hair to press the water out.

“How was that?”

“I wasn’t watching,” Ethan laughed.

“Oh, fuck off,” Samuel grinned.

“It was all right,” Joseph added. “I don’t think it was as big as Ethan’s.”

“Boom!” Ethan raised both arms in victory.

“Let me do another one,” Samuel said, jumping in again before either of the others could respond.

“That one was bigger, right?” Samuel asked when he pulled himself out.

“Hmm…” Joseph began.

“Just tell him it was awesome or we’ll be here all day.” Ethan rolled his eyes.

“Your turn,” Samuel said to Joseph.

“Naw, I’m okay.”

“Come on, man, it’s your pool.”

“I don’t want to.”

Truthfully, Joseph didn’t want to take his shirt off in front of other people. Ethan was a skinny beanpole and Samuel was a blonde god, but Joseph…Joseph felt like he was just a tub of mush. He wasn’t fat, more just shapeless. And he especially didn’t want to invite the contrast between himself and Samuel.

“All right,” Samuel shrugged, collapsing into a pool chair next to Ethan.

Joseph took the remaining seat, sitting on the edge of the chair and leaning his hands on his knees so that his tee shirt fell loosely down his body, obscuring his tubby stomach. As the waves in the pool subsided and the sun beat down through the plexiglass roof, the three eighteen-year-olds talked about school and girls and comic books and music. Most days after school were spent in Joseph’s pool house in the same way. His house was the biggest of the three—practically a mansion—and had a covered pool, which was perfect for warm spring days like this.

Ethan shifted on his pool chair and bounced his foot on the end of it. “I like these new chairs,” he said.

“Tell that to my mom. She redecorated this whole place.”

Joseph gestured around. The white tiles on the floor had been scrubbed clean. A variety of potted plants had been placed around the pool. A bronze statue stood just outside in the yard and a smaller jade statue with ruby eyes stood on a plinth next to where the boys sat. The boys’ images were reflected in the mirrored surfaces all over the room, shards of polished glass set into the walls and the Grecian columns.

“It’s got a real, like, Thailand vibe,” Ethan said.

“Yeah,” Joseph agreed, “When my parents came back from Phuket my mom was all inspired to turn our house into a jungle. That statue is supposed to bring good fortune, or whatever.” He gestured towards the little jade statue.

“They ever find out about the party?” Samuel asked.

Joseph had invited a few friends over while his parents were out of town. Word of mouth must have spread that his parents were gone because most of the senior class showed up. They ran wild through Joseph’s huge house and it had been a big job to clean it all up the next morning before his parents got home. Fortunately, Ethan and Samuel had stayed to help, despite the fact that Samuel was still hungover and Ethan was still stoned.

“Nope,” Joseph said.

“Guess the statue worked,” Ethan chuckled.

Ethan’s backpack sat next to his pool chair and he sat up to rummage through it, coming up with a well-rolled joint.

“Your parents coming home soon?” Ethan asked.

“Nope. My dad always comes home late on Tuesdays and my mom’s visiting her sister for the week.”

“Sweet,” Ethan replied, lighting up and sitting back.

“Tuesday’s my dad’s late day as well,” Samuel mused.

“Huh,” Ethan frowned, blowing a jet of smoke from his nostrils. “Mine, too. Better than home fighting with my stepmom, I guess. Reckon they’re going to a dad convention?”

“Yeah, where they learn to say things like ‘If you’re cold put on a sweater’,” Joseph chuckled.

“And trade bad dad jokes,” Samuel chimed in.

“Yeah,” Ethan laughed, “And talk about walking up hill in the snow both ways to school.”

They all laughed. Ethan offered the joint around to the others but they both waved it away. Ethan shrugged and took another deep puff.

“Seriously, though,” Joseph said. “I don’t even know where my dad goes on Tuesdays.”

“My dad says he’s at work,” Samuel said, “But I called his office one time for something and his secretary said he wasn’t there.”

“Weird,” Ethan added between puffs. “Wish we could spy on our dads and see where they went every Tuesday.”

None of the three noticed but, on Ethan’s words, the ruby eyes of the little jade statue briefly lit up. There was a flash of green that blinded all three guys and they shut their eyes.


Ethan opened his eyes and saw he was right near a man’s naked groin, and the man was staring down at him. Ethan’s mouth was stretched wide around something warm, a firm but slightly padded something that dragged across his tongue and poked deep down his mouth. His hand, too, was wrapped around the warm thing, and his mouth was filled with a salty tang. Something tickled down the sides of his face and the back of his neck.

It took Ethan a second to realize that the man staring down at him was Samuel’s dad, Lance. Now his nostrils filled with a musky, masculine scent, and he had the instant realization that he was sucking a dick. And it belonged to his best friend’s dad. Ethan gagged and started to pull away, trying to dislodge the warm shaft that was thrust deep into his mouth. But hands gripped the back of his head, fingers dug into his hair and pushed his mouth back down the shaft, then lifted his mouth up and back down. Oh, god, Lance was fucking his face and Ethan couldn’t escape his grip. He moaned, struggling, but Samuel’s dad took it as pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Natasha,” Lance groaned as he came into Ethan’s mouth.

The cock throbbed between Ethan’s lips. Hot cum erupted from Lance’s cock and Ethan was forced to swallow it or choke. He gulped down each burst of creamy seed, spluttering around the thick cock between his lips. The tangy taste filled his mouth and he fought to raise his head. The hands clenching his hair finally yanked his head back off the cock and it fell out of his mouth with a wet pop. The relief was short lived, however, as Lance held Ethan’s face close to the head of his still-erupting cock, showering Ethan’s face with cum. Ethan closed his eyes, feeling the warm seed dribble across his nose and cheeks, dripping down his face.

When it finally slowed Ethan looked up at Samuel’s dad, who still gripped him tightly by the hair

“Who’s a naughty girl, Natasha?” Lance smiled.

Lance released him and Ethan stood, only then realizing the clothes he was wearing were strange. Looking down at himself, Ethan discovered he was clad in a long sleeve white button down shirt tied in a knot around his stomach. Though he could barely see the know for the tits that now hung from his chest.

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