Alan couldn’t do anything but stand at attention as Will pulled Alan’s wife close and they both laughed at him.
“Look at him,” Darla smiled, “Such a submissive little slut. You think he hates it?”
“Definitely,” Will agreed, his finger tracing across Darla’s chest.
Alan’s mind was trapped in the sex-bot’s body. He couldn’t even grit his teeth. All he could do was stand at attention and watch Will fuck his wife again until they gave him another order. A drop of juice dripped down his thigh from when he was forced to watch them fuck, the sex-bot’s auto responses making him wet.
The bot program wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to give people with severe disabilities a new chance at life. But Will had been working on a side project and when Alan went to test out his creation on the android body he’d been working on, Will changed the programming and sent Alan’s mind into this blonde sex-bot.
Will and Darla enjoyed making him parade around the apartment in the skimpy lingerie, poking and prodding him whenever they could. Of course, this body had been designed to get off easily, so the slightest touch made him wet and willing.
“Smile, honey,” Darla ordered.
Alan’s face lit up, despite his best efforts.
“Watch this,” Will said to Darla, then turned to Alan. “Tell me what you want to do to me.”
Alan wanted to tear him to pieces, to watch him scream in anguish. Instead, when his mouth opened, he found his sultry voice saying, “I want you to use me and fuck me senseless.”
And Alan knew his programming would make him obey.


  1. I will not want to become a Bot ,or even a Cyborg.
    I will fight to stay Human. If they made a law saying that every person with a disability had to join the Bot Program. I will want to go to Prison for what I believe in.
    I know that I will be the only from my Family that will get the NSTC ,and FBI looking for me if a Bot Program was to become law. They will need a AK-47 to turn me into a Bot.
    Now if they where to make a 28th amendment to the USA Constitution say that people with Mental disorder, or Mental illness have the right to Consent to Marriage at age of Puberty.
    I will think about taking part. I have lower than Average for Social Skills . Lowering age of Marriage will make my odds for

  2. I’m curious why/how Darla is a willing participant. Or maybe she is in some way being controlled/manipulated/mind altered?

  3. Woah 😻! This is an unique idea. I loved this. I definitely would like to see part 2 of this or even more.

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