Not fair

It just wasn’t fair. Tym was crammed into the same hotel room as his mom and dad while his sister, Natalie, got her own room a few doors down. Some vacation this turned out to be.
Tym was getting dressed to go down to the pool to get away from his parents, who were laughing out in the living room, when suddenly the room flipped. He found himself in a bathroom, the sound of his parents’ voices gone. He felt exposed and, upon looking down at himself, was startled to find the body of a woman. He was half-undressed, nothing more than panties around his tiny waist and a pink and white top.
But, wait, he recognized the top! Turning to the mirror, his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the face of his sister. He gasped and she gasped. He brushed his hair out of his face and her reflection did the same. Somehow he was inside her body!
Through the vents, Tym could hear panic and confusion form other rooms. Soon, everyone was ordered to stay put for their own safety until the authorities could figure out what happened.
Tym gaped at his new body in the mirror. Through the vents, he could hear other people exploring themselves:
“Darn, how do you get this stupid bra off? I don’t know who she is but at least I can see her tits.”
“Wonder if every other guy in a girl’s body is doing this?”
“So that’s how they feel from the inside, I was expecting more.”
“Eww, now I know what tits look and feel like. This so weird.”
Tym sighed and stared into the mirror at his sister’s reflection as he thought Why do those guys get to see random girl’s tits and I’m stuck in my sister? I don’t want to see her tits, let alone feel them. How am I even going to shower like this?
Being stuck in the room by himself, he had nothing else to think about but how different his body moved and felt, how things jiggled and bounced with each step. He was soon bored out of his mind and returned to the mirror.
Arrgh, fine, I guess I have to do this, he thought, slowly pulling down his top only to find she wasn’t wearing a bra. Guess there’s no going back. He yanked his top the rest of the way down and Natalie’s tits popped out. He hefted them tentatively.
Crap, well this image is scarring, he thought.

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  1. To be Frank i think this was by far the most accurate writing about brother/sister swap. Ofcourse the image will be scarring. This is his sister

  2. Tym should be thrilled that his sister Natalie was pretty and had nice firm tits.
    Sounds like he got a good deal and should go forward and appreciate his/her
    new body for as long as it last! Zoe

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