Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Peter sat by the pool, a cup of coffee in his hand, while he scowled at everyone else having fun. Of all the people he could possibly swap bodies with at Swap Island why did it have to be his own mom?
Her curls fell down his shoulder, tickling him every time he moved. And, god, her tits were right there, hanging heavily from his chest. He kept accidentally knocking them about when he moved his arms, sending his breasts bobbing up and down.
He felt practically naked, and guys had been checking him out all day. His mom had been wearing this sundress when they swapped and, to Peter, the only thing worse than continuing to wear it would be to strip it off in order to change and catch a glimpse of his mom’s naked body in the process.
So he sat by the pool and waited for the vacation to be over.
Peter’s mom didn’t seem to have any such reservations while in his body. He watched her cannonball happily into the pool and swim over to Peter’s dad, now a bikini-clad teen. Just the type of woman Peter liked. Ironic that he could only get with such a woman now that he wasn’t in his body.
Peter sighed and shifted his legs, sending his body jiggling again. He looked down at his mom’s cleavage. Maybe he could pretend this wasn’t her body, that he was a stranger. Objectively, her tits were amazing. And he was kind of curious how they felt, and what it would feel like to stroke his pussy.
But then he remembered who he was and sat back with a sigh. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

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