Couldn’t believe their luck

Michael and Joseph couldn’t believe their luck. Not only had they been walking by one of the all-women’s dorms on campus when the Great Shift happened and been swapped into two hot roommates, but the college didn’t know what to do with all the swapped students at first so they made everyone stay in the rooms that belonged to their new bodies.
While other students complained about being trapped in the dorm as if it was a jail, Michael and Joseph had a great time. Michael was a svelte blonde with perky little tits and Joseph was a smoking hot Indian-American. They would dress up in tiny skirts and minuscule tops and tease each other. The first one to break had to give the other one the first orgasm.
But there were plenty to go around.
Joseph broke before the end of the first day and Michael straddled his friend’s face, growing excited and wet at just the sight of the beautiful woman’s face between his slender new thighs.
Michael couldn’t get enough of Joseph’s taste and made him spread his legs so Michael’s tongue could lap at Joseph’s entrance. Both swapped guys grew wet and warm as Michael’s tongue slid deeper into Joseph’s pussy until Joseph trembled and cried out in a tiny voice, his body shaking with orgasm while Michael dripped down his own new thighs, ready for his turn.

As a result of an errant wish, three young men are switched into the bodies of three sexy women in Secret Lives, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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