I’m the babysitter

I paused, one hand on Rachel’s wonderful ass, and leaned forward to peer closer at my new face in the mirror. My friend’s body swapping device had worked but for now I was trapped in the body of my babysitter. I stared into her gold-flecked brown eyes, tracing the soft curves of her cheeks and nose and chin. My hand rested on one soft butt cheek, fingers just touching the crack of my new ass.
I told my parents I didn’t need a babysitter – I was eighteen – but they’d insisted because Rachel was “more responsible”. Though I guess it’s a good thing my friend tried out his invention while they were away, otherwise I might have ended up in mom or dad’s body. Yuck!
As it was, I was stuck in the body of this cute twenty-one-year old. She was downstairs helping my friend repair the machine, which allowed me to sneak upstairs and check out her body.
Watching her body move under my command was exhilarating. A little tendril of heat snaked up through my stomach as I ran my hands over Rachel’s body and watched her touch herself. Man, she was cute.
Well, I guess I was cute now.
I heard a noise and dropped my dress, turning around just as Rachel – in my body – poked her head in.
“What are you doing up here?” She asked, suspiciously.
“Nothing,” I replied carelessly.
“Come back downstairs.”
“Uh, no,” I grinned. “I’m the babysitter so I’m in charge now. Which makes you the baby.”
She scowled but what was she going to do? When she left I returned my attention to her body.

As a result of an errant wish, three young men are switched into the bodies of three sexy women in Secret Lives, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Woaw I love this one very much! I follow you for years and you are my favorite bodyswap fiction writer! Captions and books, every story from you is awesome!

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