Lucky bastard 1

David woke up and instantly knew something had gone wrong. Why was he in his parent’s bedroom? He pushed the covers aside gently only to be greeted by the sight of his mom’s tits, which were practically hanging out of his nightie.
“Oh fuck,” he whispered to himself.
He slid his fingers beneath the nightie and squeezed a breast to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Her breast was pliable and heavy and definitely not a dream. He dropped it quickly and it bounced back down his chest. David lay in bed trying not to move as his father rolled over next to him. He would be awake any second.
The possession spell was supposed to put David into his brother’s body so he could bang his brother’s hot girlfriend. David had no idea what he’d done wrong but he was now stuck in his mom’s body for the rest of the day until the spell wore off.
He could already hear his brother’s girlfriend moaning a little as they enjoyed some morning sex (David’s brother had no idea how thin the walls really were). Lucky bastard. The sound of her tiny voice rising in pitch made David weirdly restless, and it was only when he shifted his legs and felt the dampness of his mom’s pussy did he realize what that restlessness was: he was horny.

As a result of an errant wish, three young men are switched into the bodies of three sexy women in Secret Lives, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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