Sarah’s boyfriend, Mario, had been begging her to swap bodies with him for weeks now, ever since he completed his invention. She finally relented, and he had her dress in a sexy outfit: a tiny top tied at the back, a black thong, and the shortest skirt she owned. Then she made herself up as if she was going out before heading downstairs. Mario plugged them both into the machine and a few minutes later the world flipped.
She looked down at her broad chest and clenched her thick fingers a few times. She felt so much bigger, more powerful in Mario’s muscular body.
It was funny seeing her own body moving with Mario’s mannerisms, and incredibly arousing to watch her former body touch herself. Sarah’s new cock jumped to attention, a curious intensity, like a deep, aching itch filling her midsection. She needed to thrust up and into something and Mario happily obliged.
He crouched on the couch and spread his legs. It was all the invite Sarah needed. She yanked up the skirt and pushed the thong aside to thrust her broad cock into her former wet hole.
“Fuuuck,” she moaned as she sank into her own pussy.
The intensity of her need only increased as she pushed deeper inside her warm, wet pussy, felt the walls of her own cunt press apart for her until she was lodged deep inside. Mario arched his back and sighed while Sarah pumped into him, enamored with the sight of her incredible ass and the delightful physical feelings.
She couldn’t hold herself back for long and soon erupted, gripping her former ass and slamming her dick as deep inside Mario’s pussy as she could while the intensity pumped out of her.
It was surprising how quickly her desire dissipated when she was done. As she pulled out Mario moaned that he was still horny and Sarah taught him how to finish himself off.

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