Sort of

I was having such a nice dream. In it, my obese girlfriend was riding me, my cock plunging through her wet canal. I was on the verge of cumming when I woke up and found that my dream had come true. Sort of.
The person riding my cock was my mom. Sort of.
“Oops, busted!” Mom laughed.
“What are you doing?” I gasped, appalled.
“It’s okay,” she assured me, “It’s me, Erica, I’m just possessing your mom’s body.”
She didn’t get off me. In fact, she kept me inside her and slowly glided up and down on my dick, letting my cock sink deep into my mom’s warm wet heat as she explained what had happened. I could have pushed her off but she felt so good and I hadn’t had sex in so long that I let her grind on me, gripping her hips and thrusting up into her as she spoke.
Erica, my girlfriend, was heavily obese and didn’t leave the house. It turned out she’d found a possession spell and had taken to possessing my mom.
“I love this body,” she moaned. “These tits. This ass. This pussy. What about you?”
On that she leaned over and let mom’s tits swing down into my face while she clenched her pussy and clutched me tight. I groaned then and would have agreed to anything to stay locked inside her just like that.
“If you’re a good boy I’ll let you fuck mommy’s ass today.”
And that’s when I came.

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