Just a bit bigger

“Just a bit bigger,” Mark chuckled, placing his hands on Tom’s tits.
Before Tom could pull away, his breasts expanded beneath Mark’s touch, ballooning into epic proportions and snapping his bra off in the process.
“Perfect,” Mark said as Tom jumped away from him, his massive tits bouncing painfully.
Tom grabbed his breasts to steady himself, fingers landing on the huge fake tits he now possessed.
“Oh my gawd,” he squeaked in the high-pitched bimbo voice that Mark had magicked him. “Like, what have you done?”
Tom hated that he sounded so stupid, that every word out of his mouth was breathy, promising desire. He wished he’d never told his friend he’d found a magic lamp. Why did he have to brag so much? Mark had stolen it and turned Tom into a hundred different girls, taking the time to fuck each and every one.
Currently, Tom was stuck in a big breasted blonde bimbo. He wanted to be angry with Mark but, as with every other body, he found his pussy getting wet just looking at his friend.
“Please change me back now,” Tom whimpered, even as he imagined impaling himself on Mark’s huge shaft.
“Just one more,” Mark promised for the hundredth time that day.
Mark knew his friend couldn’t stop and, more importantly, wouldn’t want to as long as Mark desired.

A man possesses the body of his gorgeous long-time friend and golf pro to enjoy a weekend of exploring her body and being a professional athlete in Going Pro, available on Smashwords or Amazon or bodyswapstories.com. Preview here.

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  1. What about an accidental possesion of a sex doll/real doll where the victim is trapped in an innanimate real doll either by accident or by a third party? It would be really hot if it was a daughter accidentally posessing her fathers real doll, or maybe a bully does it to her? Or a brother/Father accidentally becoming his brothers/sons real doll. They can experience and feel everything but cannot say anything or move (or can only say pre programmed sexy things)

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