I froze, my fingers paused within my cousin’s pussy. Was that someone moving around outside the door? I was sure I’d drugged my body well so my cousin wouldn’t wake up while I was enjoying her, but now I was paranoid.
When the noise didn’t repeat itself I resumed spreading open my gorgeous pink pussy and stroking my rapidly moistening folds. God, it felt good, both the touch itself and the sight of my cousin’s hands fingering her tight pussy. That welcome pressure built within my core and I bit my finger to hush my sighs.
My cousin’s body grew wetter and I sunk in deeper, driving in up to the second knuckle and feeling her canal stretch around my fingers. Her body was heaven and I was soon wiggling this way and that as the wonderful pressure built within me until it finally exploded.
I gasped at the sudden release, my mind flooded with a dazzle of light and color as I enjoyed my cousin’s orgasm, little pussy flexing around my fingers until my body cooled slightly. But it still needed more so I continued stroking until I enjoyed a second even more powerful orgasm.
When I finished I got my cousin’s body dressed and put her in the position on her bed where I’d entered her before returning to my own body. The only downside was that my old body was even hornier than before because it hadn’t had any release.
Maybe next time I could set it up so I could fuck myself and relax both of us.

A young man uses nanobots to transform himself into an exact copy of a family friend and steal her life in I, Copy available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. i love caps where a character has to manipulate a body swap to ( kinda) get the same effect as a possession!

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